Maple leaf quilt

When I wrote my presentation post for the Blog Hop (here), I received so many sweet comments about the maple leaf quilt that I made for my sister. I realised that I haven’t share this quilt story with you yet.



It all started one week prior to my wedding where I went to visit mum and attend a French quilt fair in the Alsace region.

Of course, I saw amazing fabrics all day long but these fabrics where just calling my name and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with them: a maple leaf quilt for my sister living in Canada.

I had to forbid myself to do anything on this quilt apart from cutting prior to the wedding. It was hard as I wanted to work on it so bad.

IMG_1540I made so many craft projects for the wedding and had so much fun with them, that it was actually nice to have another project waiting for me after the wedding.

I figured the pattern pretty easily. Every single quilt that I see, I translate it in HST and it works most of the time. That’s why I love HST so much!

Strangely enough the part that I was IMG_1541most scared about was the leaf stem. I don’t know why, I couldn’t get my head around it (I’m so silly sometimes). I tried to make it work with colour scraps and white triangles. After some trials & errors, it worked perfectly. I didn’t use same width colour scraps as I thought it looked more “natural” this way.

The blocks came out pretty well. I was over the moon with my fabric choice, don’t they look gorgeous?

IMG_1567I really don’t know which colours I prefer the most, they all fit perfectly they autumn leafy feel.

I never visited Canada but I would love to. This country looks pretty impressive no matter the season you choose to visit it. I think, I would pick fall though. The forest looked so beautiful when we watched my cousin’s pictures (he went to visit my sister during fall). They spend a week-end in the forest, renting a cabin in front of a lac with friends. It looked stunning!

IMG_6235Once I finished piecing the top, it was time for me (and my new husband) to pack our luggages for our honeymoon in Bali and our new life in New-Zeeland.

I left the quilt at a French long arm quilter. She had so many quilts that it couldn’t be made before Christmas.

My mother in law kindly agrees to collect the quilt once finished and send it to me for me to sew the binding. I was also glad to see (and touch) the quilting result. I wanted the quilting to create a nice movement similar to a leaf falling down the tree. The quilting was a basic stipple and brought the design to life beautifully.



I binded the quilt in no time and it made his way to Canada in time for my sister’s birthday. I really like this quilt, I hope my sister likes it too. I can’t wait to see a picture of it being used in a forest for a picnic during fall.

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13 thoughts on “Maple leaf quilt

  1. Thanks for sharing the story behind this quilt. I agree about being excited to see photos of your quilts being used. There really is nothing like seeing them being used and loved!

  2. Lovely quilt! My husband is Canadian, so I have visited often and am going again in a few months. His family lives in BC, but my favourite parts of the country are Quebec and Montreal – the French-speaking areas where you would feel quite at home.

    • Hello Carla, you are everywhere :-) I would love to go to Canada one day! My sister has been living there for a couple of years now.

    • Hi Jenny, we arrived in December and live in Wellington. I’ve heard of Levin, it’s where the furniture from my flatmate’s work are made :-)

  3. I never thought about making the stems be different sizes. You’re right that it doesn’t matter; in nature they would all be different. I’ll have to remember that for the one day I make one of these quilts :D

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