Baby hoodie in the making

I’m starting a new knitting project. My colleague, seeing that I really enjoy knitting at the moment, offered me a pattern. It’s a hooded Coat from Shepherd. She said it’s an old time Kiwi favorite and so many kids were wearing this jacket here in New-Zealand. It is very convenient as the size can fit a 6 months to a 1 year old baby.


I’ve decided to go with Cleckheaton tweed yarn. I went for a dark color as I see it as a winter jacket. I like the look of the tweed but, as I knit, I keep taking them out as I’m annoyed that something is sticking out.

The pattern is easy to follow and I had no difficulty to create the texture. However, when it is necessary to decrease, I can’t seem to follow the pattern correctly and I keep unpicking it. Hope, I will crack the code.


The texture is very funny, this is what makes it extensible to fit a wide range of sizes. It’s quite old school but I like it and I’m sure it would be very warm to wear.

Are you knitting anything specific at the moment? Please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear (and see, if you have a blog post about it).


Sailor jumper

I’m so excited to share this freshly finished project with you. It was part of my Q4 finish along (project #3), so it’s nice to know I’m ticking some boxes of my checklist.
This jumper was a pleasure to knit. It had the right ratio of challenges to be interesting enough without being crazily hard. Not to mention how soft the yarn feels.
The rib collar came out nicely, as well as the “plackets”. Although I still needed help picking up stitches.
All the knitted pieces were finished for a while but I couldn’t bring myself to sew them together. It’s quite a tedious job, isn’t it? I like using my wonder clips to place the pieces together.
And tada!! Here is the finished jumper. I’m s happy with it. And the yarn is so smooth.
I particularly like three details in this jumper:
  • The little pocket, it was part of the design and it’s absolutely super cute.
  • The contrasting thread on the buttons. I couldn’t find nice buttons to go on this jumper, so I opted for plain ones. I was slightly disappointed until I notice a contrasting thread in one pattern and thought it was a great idea. Such a tiny detail but I love it.
  • I bought some ribbon with lovely marine like motifs and added it to the side. On the front, it is a lovely sailor hat and on the back, it is a saver ring.
And here is the back:
I absolutely adored knitting with Touch Yarns and can’t wait to find another cute pattern to knit.
Knitting Details:
Yarn:  Touch Yarns, pure merino wool, 8ply
Shade: Blue (837) and Cream (216)
Needles: 4 mm, plus 3,75 mm for the collar and armholes
Pattern: Child’s Striped Jersey TY9901
Size: 51 cm chest
What I learnt: Flap collar, ribbing on collar, buttonhole
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Baby knitted singlet

I think, I’m officially obsess with knitting. I was preparing for a long weekend away and couldn’t imagine not having a knitting project with me. It had to be something simple as I couldn’t reach for my colleague help at that time.

I picked a simple singlet from Windsor print pattern. It seems very doable given my basic skills set. To remain gender neutral, I chose grey and yellow. I had the idea to do some random yellow stripes, grey being the main colour.


I started the project even before going away. It worked fine and I like the result of my random stripes. As metal knitting needles are not allowed to carry on the plane, I bought circular screw-in needles from Knit Pro. Once disassemble, it looks like two pens and it’s definitely not dangerous.


I forgot to take picture of my WIP as the camera was more used to capture to beauty of Bay of island rather than my knitting. However, I thought it was a very good idea to bring this project along a knit during quiet time.

The project was fast and easy but I still struggled at picking up stitches for my collar. I tried several times and even asked my husband for help. He agreed and tried his best. Bless him! You should have seen him: concentrating very hard (with his tongue out) while picking up stitches. Too funny!

It still wasn’t right, so I had to wait to see my colleague for help.


I picked up stitched for each armhole. It still not perfect (why can we see this yellow stitches?) but it was still an improvement compare to the collar.


And here is the result:

IMG_0232I’m slightly concerned about the size of the collar (seems to small to fit any baby’s head) but I really like it. It was fun to make and definitely worth while bringing knitting project while away.

Knitting Details:
Yarn: Naturally loyal 100% wool, 8ply
Shade: Grey (905) and Yellow  (902)
Needles: 4mm, plus 3,75mm for the collar and armholes
Pattern: Windsor print, Toddler’s sleeveless V neck, Design P54
What I learnt: Matching my own pattern of random stripes (back and front, neck left and right). I mostly stayed in my comfort zone for this project, (aka: not learning heaps new tricks) as I wanted to knit something while away and unable to ask for help.
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Sailor jumper (WIP)

After the success of my last baby jumper (little matelot sweater), I decided to continue my journey of knitting with another baby jumper. This time, I went for Touch Yarns, a 100% Merino New-Zeeland wool. I chose one of their patterns, a little sailor jumper.


The first difference from last time was to start with a ribbing (purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, etc..). I was slightly concerned to change thread back and worth for every single stitch, but it wasn’t that hard. I got the hang of it just by watching one or two video on YouTube. You can “admire” my first ribbing:


I started with the back, which was very similar to the other jumper, so I didn’t need help and did it quite quickly.


The front was similar but with bigger stripes and some shaping at the collar. I still find it enjoyable and easy and did not require help up to this point. IMG_9631

I now have the sleeves to do, the collar with some buttonholes (this would be challenging) and joining up all the pieces together.

I must admit that I really enjoy knitting and I already dream of all the projects to come.

Does anyone know about good link up parties for knitting? I love sharing my work and seeing what everyone else is working on for quilts, would love to do the same regarding knitting.

Little matelot sweater

After the success of the scarf (yes my husband wears it on cold days), I was determined to continue my knitting ventures. I wasn’t ready however, to start a new adult item as it took me forever and used a lot of yarn. So I opted for a smaller item: a baby jumper! Small note here: no, mum, I’m not sending you any particular message with this baby jumper.

We have a lot of cute patterns to chose from at the shop I work, I chose a “matelot” jersey from Sublime. It seems a bit daunting but my colleague assures me I was able to do this.


My colleague helped me every step of the way, I could not have done it without her help. She is such a patient lady. She explained the pattern step by step and even showed me. Sometimes, I had to write notes to “translate” the knitting language into something I could understand.


I’ve learnt to work in “sequences”. At first I had to write every row I was knitting (1 knit, 1 purl, 1 knit, 1 purl, change colours, etc.). Yes, it is time consuming but I was lost otherwise. I even managed to get it wrong couple of times, so there were some unpicking involve. But, I slowly manage to recognise where I was and I didn’t need to write anything when knitting the back. Progress! IMG_9386I managed to knit all the pieces quicker than the scarf. Shaping the collar and the sleeves wasn’t too bad. In fact, I didn’t even need help for the sleeves. I deserve a gold star, right?

As my hands were still painful while knitting, I checked some hand positions on Youtube and found a wrapping system that works well for me. I’m so thankful to all the people out there who takes the time to post videos on basic things like that.

IMG_9461Joining all the pieces together was way harder than I thought it would be.The back is coming on top of the front panel and joining them at the right place wasn’t so straight forward. The collar was also quite tricky, we had to unpick four times! I love this type of collar though, and my colleague said it would be easy to go through a baby’s big head.

Et voila:

I’m so proud of it. I didn’t know I was capable of doing that, this little jumper is super cute!

I was surprise on how each extremity rolls itself up. What would you do? I’ve heard of using a damp towel and lots of steam from an iron. It didn’t seems to work that well for me though. Do you have any tips?


I really enjoyed making this garment, it was much more exciting than the scarf. I would love to do this pattern again, being more independent this time and relying less on my colleague. But for now, I’m excited to build up my skills and I’m choosing another pattern to learn new tricks. So, stay tuned for more knitting projects.

PS: If you want to visit my colleague, her name is Shirley and she blogs at Don’t wait to create. She shares her knitting and quilting projects. Say Hi from me :-)
Knitting Details:
Yarn: Naturally loyal 100% wool, 8ply
Shade: Green (947) and cream (901)
Needles: 4mm, plus 3,75mm for the collar and sleeves
Pattern: Sublime matelot sweater (code 6013)
What I learnt: The purl stitch, alternating two colours, working in sequences, following a pattern, adding stitches to a stitch-holder, picking up stitches from a cast off row (I needed help for that), shaping collar and sleeves, sewing a garment together
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