About me


Hello, my name is Alice. I am so glad you found my cosy corner of the net. Thank you for being here.

I am a French newly-wed bird, and we currently live in the beautiful country of New-Zeeland with my husband.

In this blog, I’m sharing all my crafty projects, mostly quilts but I also do like other handmade craft such as embroidery.

Make yourself comfortable, have a look around and feel free to say Hi.

PS: the quilt you can see on the background isn’t mine but from the beautiful and talented “The Lady In Thread”, you can find her on Facebook here.



10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Alice – it was nice to meet you the other day. My friends and I are planning a sewing day for Queen’s Birthday weekend and we’d like to invite you. Flick me an email for more details :-)

  2. Hi Alice. Great to meet you and find another quilter in Wellington. Your email to me came up as noreplyblogger, probably due to the blogger/wordpress issue everyone has been talking about in the blog hop. Could you please send me another one with your email address? Thanks very much.

    • Hi Wendy,

      This is strange as I have received emails from readers in the past. I’ve heard of this Issue too, but didn’t know I was concerned too. Thank you for pointing out, I’ll try to fix it. Anyway, here is my email: blossomquilts(at)gmail(dot)com

      • My name is Kate Chiconi. I live in Mackay, in northern Queensland. I’ve been in Australia for 10 years, but originally I’m half English, half Dutch. I got married a year ago and moved to Mackay, leaving my quilting friends 1500km away, so, like you, I really value my blog as a forum to meet people, find inspiration and help, and see what other people are working on. S’il te plaît, revenir bientôt! Kate

  3. Hello Alice
    I am considering buying this machine and like you I am not used to computerized tools. I purchased one at a special workshop and have never liked it as well as my old steel standard. This model is less than a year old but unfortunately the lady passed away and the son selling it knows nothing about.sewing. I was so pleased to find your review and could you share with me a reasonable price to pay. Thank you so much and I will be sure to check your blog again
    Fort Erie

    • Sorry I didn’t notice your message earlier. I’m not sure about the price as I paid mine new and in New-Zealand (so the $ are not the same). You could look up on Janome website, they have great video tutorials on how to use the machine. The manual is also very handy, I still refer to it a lot. Happy sewing!

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