Slow progress on XOXO quilt top

One of my mum’s fashion advice was: “do NOT mix pink and red together”. I don’t know why, she thought these two colours were not meant to be together. Well, I listened to her……until today.

I had a pink/red quilt in mind for a long time using “X” and “O”s. I didn’t buy any fabric for this project but cut into my pink stash collection. I realised that despite my small fabric stash, I had so many pinks!

Colours might clash, yes, and I just decided to embrace it fully!

Some of the fabric were given to me, some are old fabrics (I might even have the first fat quarter I ever bought in here), some were part of packs and forgotten.IMG_7106

It took me several hours to cut all my squares. Am I normal? Seams like a crazy amount of time just to cut fabrics. Where are you Charm Pack? Anyway, I’m glad all these pinks will be sewn together shortly and my pink stash is actually diminishing. Double Yay!IMG_7108I now need to cut the white and start sewing. This has seated on my “to do list” for way to long, I need to find my mojo to actually start it.

I’m confused on how to create the block “X”. I know it is formed with four squares adding white corners on opposite sides. All the instructions mentioned to sew white squares and trim them afterwards. It seems like a waste of fabric, no? Would it be possible to sew triangles instead? Maybe bigger triangles and then trimmed them down? How would you do it? I would greatly appreciate your advice.

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18 thoughts on “Slow progress on XOXO quilt top

  1. Do as they say and sew the squares. You do waste some fabric but although you are sewing on a diagonal it doesn’t stretch as much as if you were sewing on the bias edge of a triangle. I’m not sure how big your squares are but they might give you cut off triangles to save for another project! Have fun. :-)

  2. I’m with Taryn and charlotte. I just made a bunch of Xs and Os. Placement of triangles would be very tricky. And you’ve already opted to cut off the corners of the big pink and red squares, right? So these are just more.

    • Thanks Jenny, your sewing machine quilt is so cool! I was looking for something similar to create a sewing machine cozy for my flatmate.

  3. No red and pink together? I have been breaking your mum’s rule forever in my clothes.
    I’ll email you tomorrow about how to calculate triangles with less waste. My computer is off for the evening.

  4. To reduce the waste, one thing you can do is stitch the line down the square for your X block, then half an inch away from that line (on the side you would cut off) stitch another line. Then you cut down the centre of those stitched lines and the ‘wastage’ part will then become mini half square triangles :)

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