Q3 finish along update

Two months ago, I wrote a list of quilts I wished to finish. It was motivated by the Q3 finish along from “The littlest thistle” blog. Although, I couldn’t take part as I made my list too late, I thought it would be great to set myself some deadlines. And I did great!

Here was my list of WIP: PicMonkey Collage quilt finish along

And this is what I’m up to now:

Q3 finish along Collage

  1. Triangles – Completed
  2. xoxo – Top completed
  3. Tiles – Rust issue
  4. Pin-wheel star – Completed
  5. Brick wall – Top completed
  6. Irish chain – Completed

I worked very hard on the Meadow Brick wall last week-end, doing my first free motion quilting (you can see lots of pictures on my Instagram). I did 66 different designs and I’m very proud of it. I only need to add the binding and a label now.

My tiles quilt had a rust issue and I still don’t know what to do with it. I will probably unpick it.

So, three completes and two almost done out of six isn’t too bad. I also completed tow knitting projects that I haven’t talked about on my blog yet. So, all in all, it was a very efficient two months.

Stay tuned for my Q4 list! The proposed finish list linky party opens on the 7th October a the littlest thistle, please join along. I’ll meet you there.


Round Robin: border 2

Hello, here is a new post about our Round Robin group: Possum magicThis time, I’m adding the second border to Jane’s center block. This is what I received through Rebecca (who added the first border):

Jane’s block with Rebecca first border, a notebook to write down our inspiration, a signing block and a bag full of scraps. Youpi!


I first started by auditioning some fabrics. Green is not a color that I have a lot of in my stash but I had some leftovers from my “Forest” quilt that could work. I decided to add a pinch of vibrant solid color to lift my border. Jane mentioned that she wasn’t too keen on busy prints, so my task here was to tone it down.


I started by cutting and sewing long stripes with a solid surrounded by two different greens.

IMG_9232 My initial plan was to follow the arrow direction to place my stripes but I realised quickly that it looked very messy. So I opted against that plan. IMG_9235

When I showed it to one of my local sewing friend to get her opinion, she said, it still looked quite busy and I needed to tone it down with a solid border. I found this grey border who worked well. IMG_9381

I like the look of corners on medallion quilt but as you can see I really struggle to get the size right for this pinwheel. Mhmm. I even asked my husband’s help but it resulted in a mini fight. Ha, quilt is not always peaceful, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I finally managed to get the right size. I only picked fabric that was used in the center (thanks for the scraps bag). I was also very proud of my “turning” effect. If you follow the green triangle for example, you can see it spinning, right?IMG_9383

And here is how it looks put together: IMG_9408

I enjoyed making this border, it was a bit challenging for me to work with those colors and to make my concept work but it is good to try something new. This is how you learn! Despite not being my color of choice, I really like the green/purple combo.

Possum magic

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Possum Magic Round-up: Border 1

Possum magic

Last time, I shared my first border on Rebecca’s block. Now that everyone has finished and blogged about their borders, it’s time to share them all.

I’m so excited to see so much creativity in the team:

Round Robin border 1jpg

It’s amazing how one single border can change the quilt while keeping the same mood off the original block.

Stay tuned for the next stage.

Possum Magic cast:

New fabric

Tiny post to let you know my latest purchase fabric-wise. These fabric came with the Mercer bundle (PS: a winner has been picked for the fat quarter bundle). I chose, from the westwood acres fabric online store, a fat quarter bundle of fabric. It is the “Nap cat” coordinating fabric. I don’t have the cat nap collection but I love the colour palette. A quilt idea is slowly growing for this bundle (it involves FMQ). I also purchase a new rotary cuter, a 45 mm. I previously used the 28 mm and my colleague keep saying to me that I should upgrade.


This polka dots bundle also came in the package because you never have too much polka dots, right? Yes, it was a good mail day for me. IMG_9254Hope you are enjoying your week-end and happy sewing!



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Irsish Chestnut

In May this year, I made my first Irish chain quilt with scraps that was donated to me (see WIP here). After my, not so well executed, nine patch on “Tiles” top, I thought I needed more practice. This one turned out well but I had no specific use for it, so it got lost at the bottom of my WIP bag.

In an effort to work on my finish along gaols for quarter 3, I pulled this WIP out and gave it to the long arm quilter.


I’m always amazed at how quilting change the spirit of a quilt and gives the quilt a soul. Yes, even all over computerised designs. I have nothing against them. This time, picked a leaf pattern as the tiny squares had some prints about forest, animals with autumn colours. The leaves made me think of an oak tree which is what I saw a lot as a kid during our autumnal week-end walk in the forest with my family.

Nine_patch_blockFor the back, I’ve used a solid brown that I had on my stash. As it wasn’t big enough, I added some lines of the squares you can see on the front. Little side story: The back was still not big enough and the long arm quilter told me to enlarge it. I didn’t have time to go back to my place, add borders and give it to her before closing time, so she let me use one of her sewing machine to do it. Ha, love my long arm quilter!

I picked a Lecien quilters basic for the binding. I would not use brown normally, but the colour scheme of those scraps was asking for it. I enjoyed working with someone else’s scraps as it put me out of my colour comfort zone and I really like the result.


Here is how the binding and quilting looks on the back: IMG_9309

Love it! I can totally imagine this quilt being used for a rustic picnic in the forest with a grandpa and a kid gone for mushrooms picking in an autumn day. You know? with a cute wicker basket…

Quilt Details
Finished Size: approx. 43′ x 43′
Fabric: Scraps donated by Deb + calico
Backing: Solid brown + more scraps from Deb
Binding: Lecien made in Japan
Pieced by: Me
Quilted by: Long arm quilter (All leaves 2 from Sweet dreams quilt studio)
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