Round Robin Border 4

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Possum magic

This time, I received Serena’s centre block from Rebecca. I was very anxious to receive this quilt top as many layers were paper pieced (3 out of 4) and I never tried this technique before. All the ladies did an amazing job with the rainbow colours and I had no idea how to keep up with the skills and creativity level.1-IMG_3387

My first thought was to keep the same block size as a nine patch and create some stars, keeping the rainbow colours.  I looked online and found the friendship star block. I liked the name, I liked the shape, I was sold!

The only issue was to find some rainbow fabric. I don’t have an extensive stash and most of my fabric are florals, so not ideal for that project. To my surprise, many people were keen to help and I went through everyone’s stash in Wellington to find the fabric I needed.

IMG_0400 I had to find four different shade of one colour plus a tiny piece to fussy cut to add a little bit of interest at the centre of the star. I bought the background fabric at the local store and it’s funny how the design replicate the quilting I’m currently doing on my Arizona quilt. 

I love the result, each star is so special. The star bellow is made of scraps from Deb (I believe the “Cat nap” line) and the centre is from my stash (“Sweet as honey” line).

IMG_0467My colleague advised me to switch slightly the colours to give a bit of a movement to my border. I thought it was a good idea.

When talking to Wendy, the next person for this quilt, she says she might not use the rainbow colour. I wasn’t brave enough the break to rainbow but I’ve included black wonky stars blocks at each corner to introduce new tone. Hope it would be helpful for her.


I love the result and I’m quite proud of myself. At the start, I really had no idea how to keep up with the level but I think the result looks nice and blend well with the spirit of this quilt. Yay!

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Possum Magic Round-up: Border 3

As you might now, I belong to a Round Robin group called Possum Magic. I am currrently working on border number 4 (you can see few blocks in my Instagram feed here). Before sharing it with you, I would like to show you what everyone’s been working on during border number 3:


I love watching the evolution of each quilt. Everyone from the group, adds their personal touch but the quilt remains cohesive. It is just so pretty to watch them all growing.

Possum Magic cast:

Round Robin Border 3

Hello, here is a new post about our Round Robin group: Possum magicI received Carla’s central block quite a while ago, but I was too intimidated by everyone’s work on this quilt top that I didn’t do anything for a long time. I mean, look at these cute ladybirds and pretty flowers from Rebecca, how can you compete with that?

The quilt top looked pretty much finished to me and it was hard to come up with a plan. I first was thinking of adding some birch tree blocks like Amanda from Crazy mum quilts. I really like those blocks but a quilting friends suggested why not an appliqué vine?

It took time in my mind to go for the vines as I never done any appliqué before, but Carla is actually encouraging us to try something new in her block. So vines it was.


At first, I was slightly stress to do my first appliqué in her quilt top but it turns out I really enjoyed it! I’m sure, you will see more appliqué from me in the near future…


I was happy about my new borders but wanted to sew something different for the corners. I picked the four background fabrics that Carla used in her central block and started to chop them up in four. I mixed the pieces and added the same fabric as my vines to add contrast.


It was very improvisational as before cutting the pieces, I didn’t really have a final idea for the corners. But I like it. It almost meets my vines from each side but not quite. It wasn’t meant to meet as it is an improv piece. I hope it doesn’t look too odd though.


This is how Carla’s quilt top looks like now:


I’m really happy with the result. I think it ties in well with the theme. I tried to had a splash of colours but no options looked very nice so I stayed with the B&W plus green combo. Hope Carla likes it too.

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Possum Magic Round-up: Border 2

I’m about to share with you my third border on Carla’s centre block for our Round Robin: Possum Magic. But first, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know what all the girls have been up to with their border 2:


You can clearly see that everyone means business here! There is definitely no lack of colours, skills and dedication within this group.

If you missed an episode, you can catch up here for all the centre blocks and here for the first border.

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Round Robin: border 2

Hello, here is a new post about our Round Robin group: Possum magicThis time, I’m adding the second border to Jane’s center block. This is what I received through Rebecca (who added the first border):

Jane’s block with Rebecca first border, a notebook to write down our inspiration, a signing block and a bag full of scraps. Youpi!


I first started by auditioning some fabrics. Green is not a color that I have a lot of in my stash but I had some leftovers from my “Forest” quilt that could work. I decided to add a pinch of vibrant solid color to lift my border. Jane mentioned that she wasn’t too keen on busy prints, so my task here was to tone it down.


I started by cutting and sewing long stripes with a solid surrounded by two different greens.

IMG_9232 My initial plan was to follow the arrow direction to place my stripes but I realised quickly that it looked very messy. So I opted against that plan. IMG_9235

When I showed it to one of my local sewing friend to get her opinion, she said, it still looked quite busy and I needed to tone it down with a solid border. I found this grey border who worked well. IMG_9381

I like the look of corners on medallion quilt but as you can see I really struggle to get the size right for this pinwheel. Mhmm. I even asked my husband’s help but it resulted in a mini fight. Ha, quilt is not always peaceful, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I finally managed to get the right size. I only picked fabric that was used in the center (thanks for the scraps bag). I was also very proud of my “turning” effect. If you follow the green triangle for example, you can see it spinning, right?IMG_9383

And here is how it looks put together: IMG_9408

I enjoyed making this border, it was a bit challenging for me to work with those colors and to make my concept work but it is good to try something new. This is how you learn! Despite not being my color of choice, I really like the green/purple combo.

Possum magic

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