Hedgehog hexagons (WIP)

I loved hexagons for a long time. I don’t know what is so special about this shape but I LOVE it! I recently bought three fat quarters from my local fabric shop (it is very dangerous to live 3 mins walking distance from a very cute fabric shop). I set my eyes on this lovely hedgehog print and found two other neutral colours to go with them. I was after gender neutral colours (not too girly, not too boyish) and I think, they are just perfect.

I bought a pack of pre-cutted hexagon paper pieces and start cutting, piecing and pressing. I’ve used some starch to hold the shape well in place.


What is great about paper piecing is that you can bring your project anywhere (in the house or outside the house). I even joined my husband on one of his surfing session and, despite the wind, I surely enjoyed crafting with a view. I should have more projects like this on the go to join him more often.

Screenshot from 2014-04-29 121020Screenshot from 2014-04-29 121041

Joining hexagons together is the same story, you can just be in front of the telly and enjoy a beer while working on your project. Sure, stitching by hand takes longer, but it is very therapeutic.


I wanted to go for a double hexagon stripe on this baby quilt, so I bought some white fabric and hand stitch each hexagon to the front fabric. I thought it would take me forever, but it wasn’t that bad. I finished it in one morning.


And here is how the top looks like. I bought a bright turquoise solid as my backing fabric and did a mini hexagon flower (I just couldn’t get enough of hexagons).


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Kaffe Fassett stripes quilt for Perrine


Today I would like to talk to you about a quilt I previously made. It was quilt #4, just after mum’s heart appliqué (that you can find here). Mum was impressed with my new sewing skills and intrigued about my new hobby. To encourage me, she offered me some Kaffe Fassett stripes. She lives in Alsace (East of France) where a big European quilting meeting takes place every year (le carrefour european du Patchwork). She went there to buy fabric for me, how sweet is she seriously?

IMG_7087At that time, I didn’t even know Kaffe Fassett but I loved the fabric so much that I had to start a quilt straight away. I was thinking of a very simple pattern, keeping the stripes as the main geometrical design. I bought some white fabric, cut some stripes out of it and started putting them together randomly.


I liked how it looks and I just continued sewing rows after rows. Mum loved it too and was eager to help, so she was my “pressing assistant”. She actually enjoys ironing, so she loved her new assignment.

By the end of the weekend I was visiting her, we finished the quilt top.

P1240746At that time, I was living in Marseille (south of France) and I brought back my sewing machine with me to finish it.

I wanted to offer this quilt to one of my new friend in Marseille. I just arrived couple of months earlier for a 9 months training program. On this program, I sat next to a girl who became, in now time, a very good friend. She had a 5 months baby girl: Perrine (I saw a recent picture of Perrine and she definitely do not look like a baby any more). This quilt would be perfect for her little girl.

I added a red border to the quilt top to let the stripes pop even more. For the backing, I chose a pink/red floral that I found in the local store. I quilted it with a cotton batting, sewing straight(ish) lines.


Of course, I couldn’t help but embroidered the little girl’s name.

P1250147My friend loved it. She proudly displayed it in their living room for Perrine’s play area.

Tiles quilt (WIP)

Once again, I was inspired by a follow Instagram member to create this quilt top. I might have come across the combination of this two quilt blocks (hour-glass + nine patch) before but it’s really seeing the picture on Instagram that triggered my motivation. I had some blue Faffe Fasett stripes and a dark blue fabric in my stash that I though was perfect for this quilt.


I never done hour-glass nor nine patch block before. It was a good exercise for me.  For the hourglass, I followed this video tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Co channel. It is very well explained and I should have watch the nine patch tutorial before sewing up mine. I had some issue with figuring out the size of the stripes versus finished block. The nine patch didn’t end up being nine equal squares. I still loved the result and I practise (successfully) the nine patch later on.


Here is my top. I wish I had more fabric to add more rows as I love this pattern so much. I might add a blue border if I find a fabric that match.

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My forest friends quilt for baby boy Elliot

Choosing fabric for boys is very tricky for me. I’m all about pink and floral patterns. So, when one of my friend announced me she was having a baby boy, I really had to scratch my head very heard to find an idea.

Luckily, I came across a craft book at the library (“Doodle Stitching – embroidery & Beyond) with a quilt that I really loved: the “Forest Friends Keepsake Quilt”. The colour palette was “boyish” enough (green and blues) and it had little x-stich embroidered animals details on some of the squares. What a cute idea!

I chose my fabric from a local craft store but I also included some of the discontinued sample fabric we had at work (I work in an upholstery workshop). As it is upholstery fabric, the fabric is way “ticker” than normal patchwork fabric and I love the texture it adds to the quilt.


Putting the quilt together was so fast: sewing rows of squares is very easy and quick. The next step was to add all these cute little animals. I draw the pattern on grid paper and embroidered on top of it. Once the x-stitch finished, I dampened the paper and took it out.


I love how it looked at the end. IMG_6191

To finish off, I used the service of a long arm quilter. I chose a nice leafy pattern that runs around each square. I love how it frame nicely each square. This picture is after the first wash, I was hopping for more crinkles but it will just build over time.


I chose a kiwi print for my backing fabric. My friend is French and has no idea what a kiwi is, I thought it would be a nice touch. As soon as I knew the little boy’s name, I embroidered a small label on the back with his birth month.

IMG_6556I bought a double bias binding and honestly, it wasn’t a great idea.The binding was so tiny I really had to fiddle around a lot to make it work, plus it didn’t “seat” properly (e.i each corner are very stretchy). Oh well, I still love it. But I won’t be using pre-made double bias, that’s for sure!


Ready to send over.


I can’t wait to see this quilt in good use.

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The pin-wheel star (WIP)

For this top, l was inspired by Adrianne from “On the windy side” who was inspired herself by Rita from “Red Pepper quilt”. I love how quilters inspired each other on the online community.

I chose three different shades of pale green mixing it with some stripy pink. I bought those fabric in France, my mum sent them to me recently. I really want to use them as I don’t want them to travel that far again.


I absolutely adore half square triangles. In fact, that’s probably the only quilt technique I know. I am keen to experiment other techniques this year, to challenge myself a bit. I love half square triangles so much though, it would be difficult to go away from them. They are so versatile, so many cool patterns can be made out of them.


I just love lying all my HST on the floor and slowly discovering the shape appearing.


After a rainy afternoon of mad sewing, here is the top finished:


Did you notice my matching pink trousers?

I am not too sure how to quilt this top yet. I will probably do straight lines on my domestic sewing machine. I am scared though as I never quilt a big piece before. We shall wait and see. I will keep you posted.

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PS: You can find Adrianne’s quilt top here and Rita’s here.