Round Robin Centre block

As I mentioned once on social affairs, I joined Plum and June’s Blog Hop and we created a Round Robin group with some of the kiwi and Aussie ladies. We are called “Possum Magic”. The concept is simple: each participant creates a centre block, send it to the next person who adds borders and so on.

I’ll now share with you my centre block, but first let me tell you my inspiration for this project. I live in Wellington and some of the shops in the city centre have lovely tiles. I love them so much! They are so pleasing and, in a sense, welcomes you into the shop. I’m not shopping much at the moment but always admired the tiles when I’m in the city.


While choosing fabric and colours, I knew I wanted to use some of my Liberty fabric. I purchased few Liberty fabric while living in London but never dared to use them. Keeping them for something special. I though, my first Round Robin was special and deserved some Liberty. I matched the Liberty floral fabric with a solid yellow and a stripy pink fabric (they are my type of colours at the moment).


I went to the Wellington Library as they have a huge range of quilts books. Luckily, there are no lending limits, so I brought back home a nice range of books. Amongst which “5,500 Quilt Block Design”. What? 5,500?!? Imagine that: If you were to do one block a day, you would still need 15 years to complete all of them. Surely, I would find what I need in that book.


I picked #737, the “Rhode Island” block. I discovered that each US region had their own quilt block, how funny! I followed this tutorial. It was definitely outside my comfort zone as you start sewing the centre and you build up from there, rather than adding squares together.


It turned out ok-ish. The outside points don’t really match, but I guess it’s a good effort for a first time. I wasn’t very pleased with myself but my Instagram community loved it and cheered me up, so I found my confidence back.


I made extra blocks, just in case this one wasn’t fine for the Round Robin standards. One with an easier construction methods (HST+hour-glass) and the second one was just me messing around and having fun.

IMG_7568 IMG_7569

I met Wendy in real life to exchange my block. She was so sweet and actually liked my first option, so this is what I’m going with!

I can’t wait to see what the other will create around this block, so exciting.

Possum magic

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17 thoughts on “Round Robin Centre block

  1. Hi Alice. Your block is lovely – soft, pink and French! It’s now sitting on my work table (half a table tennis table) and I’m trying other fabrics beside it to see what works well. I like to walk into the room and go ‘ah, yes, that will work well’. I do that for a few days before making any final decisions and cutting my fabrics. I’ve no idea what design I’ll use for the first border yet, I just want to decide on the fabrics first. It’s going to be beautiful I hope!

    • French? Haha, I didn’t know a block could be French :-) Can’t wait to see what you do next but no pressure though, it would be amazing no matter what. I trust you for that.

    • That would be a good idea. I’m just in love with every tiles I see. In Portugal they have tiles as “wallpaper” outside their house, it is stunning!

  2. You and Wendy are on a roll! I think your blocks are lovely – all three of them. I have some of the same Liberty print that I am hoarding for something or other. It might come in handy when your round robin makes it all the way here. :)
    I will have to see if our library system has a copy of 5500 Quilt Block Designs.

    • Thanks Carla, means a lot (especially coming from you :-). You don’t have to use Liberty for my quilt though, totally not mandatory. You can keep this amazing fabric for one of your project.

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