Equilateral triangle quilt (WIP)

Today, I’m sharing a new quilt top. I’ve seen equilateral quilts everywhere lately on the blogosphere and, as I am such a copy cat, I wanted to make my own version of it.

I picked my colours, no surprise there with so much pink again. I’m slowly trying to get away from the pink but it is so hard!


I started sewing rows after rows without noticing what was happening. I was actually happy that the process went relatively quickly and smoothly. Mhm!


You see, I decided to snip these little “dog hears” (the little pointy bits) as I went, thinking that it was what I was supposed to do.


But, after sewing all the rows, this is how it looked: some going up, some going down. When lining up the first triangle of two rows together, the last triangle on each row were several inches apart. I had no idea what I did wrong and posted a pic on Instagram. Luckily for me, Adrianne from “On the windy Side” shared her tips.


You need to snip all these pointy corners BEFORE starting sewing the rows together. Adrianne has two great tutorials on her blog. One to explain how to cut triangles and another one to explain how to sew triangles. It saved my quilt, definitely. So, if you are looking to start a triangle quilt, make sure to check those two tutorials before.


After un-doing all the rows (an entire episode of NCIS!) and sniping all the pointy corners, I had no further issue sewing the triangles back together.

I found even miraculous that most of my corners were pointy and met.


And here is my quilt top:


I like the fact that when you photograph your quilt on the street, people come and talk to you. I received several compliments and one guy was explaining that his wife was also a quilter. He likes one of the quilt she made with tiny triangles and he really admired her skills and dedication to the craft. Cute!

Linking this top to Link Tuesday and WIP Wednesday

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23 thoughts on “Equilateral triangle quilt (WIP)

  1. Oh wow!! I’m making a triangle quilt but haven’t joined thm up yet. I will check that tutorial – thank you for linking to that blog! And I absolutely love your quilt!

    • I had some stretching problems indeed (you can see some of them actually). I think it was more due to the different type of fabric I used rather than anything else. I better use fabric from the same collection from now on.

  2. I love your fabrics, Alice! Such pretty, sweet colours! To help with the stretching because of the bias you can use starch when ironing. I’ve started using ironing aid which is about $5 at the supermarket and it makes such a big difference!

    Your experience at the end meeting people made me laugh because I’m too scared to even take photos in my own front yard lol.

    • Oh yay, god idea. I use starch for English paper piecing, never thought of using it for anything else. Will try next time for sure.
      Haha, I’m sure your front yard is perfect for a pic, go and snap one, you might receive nice comments too :-)

      • That’s the problem; I don’t want comments lol! I just want to do my thing and be done!! I don’t know if starch and ironing aid are the same thing (all the American bloggers talk about starch) but I find the ironing aid makes a big enough difference that it’s god enough for me! Problem is, it only lasts me 1-2 weeks!!

  3. I love that you get conversations from people on the street – I just get weird looks. But I live in a college town, so that might be the difference. The few dark triangles really break up the quilt — keeps it from looking maybe a little too saccharine. Really gorgeous! Almost makes me like pink. :D

    • Yay, it’s not my fault too! I didn’t like pink until I got engaged, funny. Since getting engaged, I could see pink everywhere and wanted so much pink for the wedding (I even wore pink shoes and a pink belt!). It has now been 6 months and I’m still obsess with that colour.

  4. Looks great! I just tried a few equilateral triangles myself and had the same experience with the points! So worth the final result. Love the colors too, especially with the black.

  5. Nice combo. There was triangle QAL recently on Sassy quilter. Few tutorials as well. It was a smooth ride :-) I wouldn’t mind making another triangle one as I love the result.

  6. Amanda C says:

    Pretty quilt top and nice use of colour. I always reach for pink when I have the choice and have decided that’s just fine. I like my finished pink quilts more anyway!

  7. Such cute colors for a modern triangle quilt. I had some similar experiences as you when working on a triangle quilt. It seems so easy, and then suddenly- it’s not!

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