New-Zealand quilt festival

Last week, I was telling you about my foundation paper piecing class. I was lucky enough to stay at the New-Zeeland Symposium quilt event the following day to enjoy the merchant hall and the main quilt exhibition. I would like to show you some of the quilts that I particularly liked:


Lehuna by Nobuko Windecker

I think, we were all impressed by this Hawaiian inspired quilt and the use of “chicken foot” stitches.

Blanket Ripples by Bridget McFarlane

Blanket Ripples by Bridget McFarlane

I specially liked the echo quilting on this quilt. Bridget used recycled wool blankets for her piecing and it looks so soft and subtle. It’s a really nice work. She received the Amateur Award for this piece! You can check her IG account here.


The French Connection by Nancy Woodney

I was so impressed by the miniature size of the HST. I would love to have my ruler to know how small they were but clearly smaller than 1/2 inch. This quilt was featured in the Quiltmania magazine.


Circle the Wagons by Gael O’Donnell

I loved the off-centre shapes and colours of that one. The dense quilting gave nice dimension. I thought it was very pleasing to look at it.


Towards Great Barrier reef by Juliet Taylor

This one was also very pleasing to look at. I loved the use of calming but vibrant colours. There is a very nice balance on this quilt. to me, she totally managed to express the Barrier reef feeling.


Starry Starry Night by Claire Davis

I also love traditional quilts. I’m very impressed by the technique on that one. I have a thing for stars at the moment, so I could imagine myself replicating this one with modern colours.


Rainbow lorikeet by Helen Golden

I was so impressed by the background quilting one that one. The use of colours and different designs is spectacular. It is very inspiring.

Hope you enjoyed these quilts as much as I do, if you want to see more pictures from the exhibition, check those three ladies:

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