Q1 finish along

Last year, I joined Kathy for the finish along party. The principle is simple: you summit the list of WIPs you wish to finish by the end of the quarter. You can then share your progress and be on the draw to win prices. I love the concept, it definitely helps to have a “to do list” and a certain deadline. Plus, I’m nosy and I love to see what everyone is up to.

I joined the party slightly late in 2014, on Q4 but managed to have 3 finish within my list (Meadow quilt, Arizona quilt and the Sailor jumper).

This time around I’m on time to take part in the Q1 finish along organised by Adrianne on her blog: the On the windy side.  I’m determined to finish more than 3 items within my list this time. Go and check the Adrianne’s blog for more details:

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
My list of WIP to finish for Q1 is:
  1. XOXO
  2. Kiwiana
  3. Pixellated heart
  4. Acorn Trail
  5. Wonky star
  6. Honeycomb
  7. Lace knitting
  8. Summer dress
  9. Kiwi’s favourite jumper
Yes, the XOXO quilt was on the last list and I haven’t touched it. You know when you want a quilt to be so perfect that you stressed out and don’t do anything? Well, I felt like that for this one and decided that this quarter “done is better than perfect”. The pixellated heart was also on my list but I now have a plan for it.
I recently started two other quilts: Kiwiana and Wonky star. I need to finish the piecing and the quilting on them.
I also want to start two new quilt projects: simple patchwork squares with the Acorn Trail fabric line and some machine pieced extra-large hexagons with the Sweet as Honey fabric line.
I have two knitted projects on the go. It’s getting warmer here in NZ and I wasn’t feeling much like knitting. The lace jumper is so hard! I’ve un-done it and started from scratch a couple of times already. The other one is also tricky, I have difficulty following the pattern while decreasing. My colleague is a perfectionist, so she won’t let me have any error on this project. I can’t recall how many rows we unpicked.
And last but the least: The dress! I’m made great progress on the dress but it is still not wearable in public just yet.
What about you? Do you have WIP that you would like to make progress on? Join the party!

2014 in review

Last year I’ve decided to create a blog about my crafty adventures. My blog isn’t quite a year old yet but I managed to fill it with lots of new and colourful projects.

Before 2014, I only created four quilts. Last year alone, I created 13 quilts! Phew, what an achievement. Mainly baby size quilts (I blame it on all my friends having babies :-) and I also used extensively long arm quilting services. Nevertheless, I slowly improved my piecing skills (taking bigger quilts on board) and even ventured to free motion quilt my own quilt.

Below, is a quick picture summary of my fabric creations:


  1. Chevron quilt for baby Grace
  2. Forest friends cross stitch quilt for baby Elliot
  3. Happy corners for baby Mia2014.04 quilts March
  4. Flower Power
  5. Aztec quilt
  6. Flying geese for baby Soline
  7. Hedgehog Hexagons for baby Max
  8. 2014.06_09quiltsSnowflake quilt for baby Léonie
  9. Pinwheel star quilt for baby Nina
  10. Equilateral triangle quilt
  11. Irish Chestnut2014.10q4quilts
  12. Meadow brick wall for my husband’s family holiday house
  13. Arizona quilt for us

It’s quite nice to see them all in one place, you can definitely see improvements. It is impossible to choose a favourite though.

This year, I also learnt to knit (thanks to my colleague) and created four different projects. It was very exciting and rewarding at the same time. I’m looking forward to knit some more this year.2014.12knitting

What was also amazing this year, was to be part of a Round Robin group. I just love the quilting community and being part of a group enhance this feeling by 100%. It’s so exciting to see all the creations come to life and see what the next person will bring to the quilt. We worked on five different quilts so far and we have three more quilts to go. I’m eager to see them all finished but, at the same time, I don’t want to see an end to our little lovely group.

  1. PossummagicMy centre
  2. Rebecca’s centre
  3. Carla’s centre
  4. Serena’s centre

So, this is a nice wrap up of the year. A also bought a new sewing machine and we scored a two year visa with my husband to stay in NZ.

My head is already spinning with ideas for new projects to fill 2015. I can’t wait to get started. I’m wishing you a very crafting new year!!

Arizona quilt

I’m so excited to share this finish with you today. It was part of my Q4 finish along list and I’m very happy to have it done on time to link up. You can find the Arizona quilt top post here.

It was my first time basting such a big quilt (even bigger than my Meadow quilt) and I must admit, it was quite a challenge. I had to re-arrange and tape the quilt three or four time to the table. Next time, I’ll probably consider made it basted by someone else (our local long arm quilter offers this service for about $40).

I had fun quilting my quilt on the festive season. It was fun to quilt next to our Christmas tree while listening to music. I almost felt on holiday.


I followed a pattern from the book 1,2,3 Quilt and the quilt was quilted with wonky rectangles. I thought it was a nice effect with the piecing and I replicated it. My rectangles were very wonky, but I think it still ok.    wonkyrectanglesfmq

The quilting is very dense, as I was quilting inside every single rectangles. I divided my quilt in several sections to make it more manageable and it took me two hours to quilt this tiny quarter that you see bellow. Phew! Quilting densely also means using a lot of threads, I kept buying more and more thread. I ended up using more than 1 000m of thread just for the quilting alone.


And here is the quilt finish! It was hard to take a picture as my city is so windy. With the help of hubby, we managed to have this one:


I struggle to find the perfect binding for this quilt and finally settle for a solid colour from the Kona range. It’s a lovely peach colours that lights up the quilt top and bring back to baking to life.

Arizonaquilt While quilting I was concerned that it would be too dense and too stiff, but it wasn’t. I love the texture. 
artgalleryfabricI couldn’t resist it, I had to try the quilt and admire the view for couple of minutes. We live in such a beautiful city.


My hubby loves the quilt too and as he was complaining that I give all my quilts away, so we are keeping that one. It now seats proudly on our bed.
Quilt Details:
Finished Size: approx. 70′ x 58′
Fabric: “Arizona” by April Rhodes (Art gallery fabric)
Backing: xx
Batting: Polyester
Binding: Kona solid (“Papaya” or “Goldfish”)
Pieced & Quilted by: Me
Pattern: “1,2,3 Quilt” by Ellen Lucket Baker
Linking up with TGIFF and Crazy mum Quilt.

Round Robin Border 4

Hello, here is a new post about our Round Robin group:

Possum magic

This time, I received Serena’s centre block from Rebecca. I was very anxious to receive this quilt top as many layers were paper pieced (3 out of 4) and I never tried this technique before. All the ladies did an amazing job with the rainbow colours and I had no idea how to keep up with the skills and creativity level.1-IMG_3387

My first thought was to keep the same block size as a nine patch and create some stars, keeping the rainbow colours.  I looked online and found the friendship star block. I liked the name, I liked the shape, I was sold!

The only issue was to find some rainbow fabric. I don’t have an extensive stash and most of my fabric are florals, so not ideal for that project. To my surprise, many people were keen to help and I went through everyone’s stash in Wellington to find the fabric I needed.

IMG_0400 I had to find four different shade of one colour plus a tiny piece to fussy cut to add a little bit of interest at the centre of the star. I bought the background fabric at the local store and it’s funny how the design replicate the quilting I’m currently doing on my Arizona quilt. 

I love the result, each star is so special. The star bellow is made of scraps from Deb (I believe the “Cat nap” line) and the centre is from my stash (“Sweet as honey” line).

IMG_0467My colleague advised me to switch slightly the colours to give a bit of a movement to my border. I thought it was a good idea.

When talking to Wendy, the next person for this quilt, she says she might not use the rainbow colour. I wasn’t brave enough the break to rainbow but I’ve included black wonky stars blocks at each corner to introduce new tone. Hope it would be helpful for her.


I love the result and I’m quite proud of myself. At the start, I really had no idea how to keep up with the level but I think the result looks nice and blend well with the spirit of this quilt. Yay!

Don’t forget to check my Possum Magic friends over here:

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Goodbye/Welcome back gift

Few weeks back, I left work as my contract was ending. I mentioned before that I currently live in New-Zealand with my husband and, being French, we need visa to stay. We weren’t sure that the visa would be accepted and my work decided to give me a goodbye gift on my last day. Turns out visa were granted and I went back to work one week after I left. So the “goodbye gift” became a “welcome back gift”. Ha!


They picked for me some Kiwiana fabric. Kiwiana is a fabric line representing some aspects of Kiwi’s culture (such as the silver fern, specific native birds, maori patterns, etc). It’s a good way to create a memory quilt. IMG_0432

I really like this cute kingfisher and those bright ferns. I know which quilt I want to make with those fabrics (the fabric were actually cut for a specific pattern), so as a true quilter I cut all my squares and packed them in glad wrap bags. Those bags would be ready to sew in the new Year! 

IMG_0446Do you have anything planed already for the coming year? Do you prep some of your quilts too?

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