Learning foundation paper piecing

This week-end, I went to “Symposium”. It is the national quilt event here in New-Zealand. It is held once every two years and moves from city to city. The entire local quilt community was so excited about the event that it got me excited too. The event is over four days and it was at Palmerston North this time, which is 2 hours drive from my city (so not that far). I decided to take part and check the class program. Luckily, there was one class to learn how to create a Mariner’s compass with the foundation paper piecing technique. I’ve wanted to learn this technique for a while but it was quite daunting so far. The prospect of having a teacher and fellow students was enticing. So, I picked my colours and dived into my first ever quilt class.


I was right to make that class as foundation paper piecing is a hard concept to grasp (well, to me anyway). Perforating layers of papers with your machine? What? Sewing on to paper? What? Sewing in reverse? What?


It slowly made sense and my first point was created:


The class ran for an entire day but, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough time (for us students) to finish a block. I was slightly disappointed by that but now I know the technique and I can replicate it at home. I need to work on it soon though, before I forget all the different steps.


When linking one piece of paper to the other, you can’t imagine the pride and fulfilment you get when your two corners meet so perfectly.Ha!

I can’t wait to finish this block and share it with you.

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15 thoughts on “Learning foundation paper piecing

  1. I’m so glad you were able to take advantage of the classes. Paper piecing is really awesome, but I don’t use it enough to feel confident when I start a new paper pieced block. Maybe one day. I really like the fabrics you pulled, and the flower in the center of the star is going to be fantastic!

    • Oh yay, I know that! I’ve sewed one of my section in mirror image. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong for several minutes staring at the thing. Haha!

  2. mudpiesandpins says:

    Your Mariner’s Compass is looking fab even if you didn’t get it finished in the class. I must admit I was never a great fan of paper piecing myself until I had some lessons in it. Now I actually enjoy it and love the crisp clean lines and point it gives.

  3. This is a beautiful block! You’re doing great! It took me over a year to wrap my head around paper piecing…there are so many mirror-images and flipping and weird angles! But now I really enjoy the process from time to time.

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