Acorn Trail WIP

I felt I needed to start the year with an easy project. As I love all the prints from the Acorn Trail fabric line, I thought big squares would be appropriate. I cut all my fat quarter into 8′ squares.


The hardest part really is to decide on a layout. I was playing with it an entire evening and loosing my mind. Balance of light versus dark, not one print to close to each other… It’s really a game of “spot the difference” as I was making minor adjustments.


I finally went for one layout and sewed all the squares together the next evening. I love those type of projects as you can work on it during work day evenings. It’s so easy to pick up the work where you left it. It came out so quickly and I love it!

I’m still indecisive regarding the quilting to do on this quilt top. I was planing on using my walking foot and do a cross-hatch but all I can see now is leaves. Decision, decisions!Acorntrailquilttop

Don’t you love those cute prints? I’m also spotting some “Marsala”, the Pantone colour of the year. It could be a starting point for the “Pantone Colour of the Year Quilt Challenge”.

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10 thoughts on “Acorn Trail WIP

  1. This is so cute! I would probably do wood grain quilting just because it washes up so snuggly. :D I love the print of the girl in her hoodie gathering firewood.

    • Thanks Sarah! I tried quilting wood grain once and it was a disaster :-( I need more practice before running such gorgeous prints. I love the wood grain quilting effect though, so I’d better hurry to master it!

  2. What a great fabric line! I like the layout you chose, and it is really fun to have a project come together so fast. Oh, man, it would be a tough decision between the crosshatch and leaves for me. Both are lovely ideas!

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