Q1 finish along

Last year, I joined Kathy for the finish along party. The principle is simple: you summit the list of WIPs you wish to finish by the end of the quarter. You can then share your progress and be on the draw to win prices. I love the concept, it definitely helps to have a “to do list” and a certain deadline. Plus, I’m nosy and I love to see what everyone is up to.

I joined the party slightly late in 2014, on Q4 but managed to have 3 finish within my list (Meadow quilt, Arizona quilt and the Sailor jumper).

This time around I’m on time to take part in the Q1 finish along organised by Adrianne on her blog: the On the windy side.  I’m determined to finish more than 3 items within my list this time. Go and check the Adrianne’s blog for more details:

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
My list of WIP to finish for Q1 is:
  1. XOXO
  2. Kiwiana
  3. Pixellated heart
  4. Acorn Trail
  5. Wonky star
  6. Honeycomb
  7. Lace knitting
  8. Summer dress
  9. Kiwi’s favourite jumper
Yes, the XOXO quilt was on the last list and I haven’t touched it. You know when you want a quilt to be so perfect that you stressed out and don’t do anything? Well, I felt like that for this one and decided that this quarter “done is better than perfect”. The pixellated heart was also on my list but I now have a plan for it.
I recently started two other quilts: Kiwiana and Wonky star. I need to finish the piecing and the quilting on them.
I also want to start two new quilt projects: simple patchwork squares with the Acorn Trail fabric line and some machine pieced extra-large hexagons with the Sweet as Honey fabric line.
I have two knitted projects on the go. It’s getting warmer here in NZ and I wasn’t feeling much like knitting. The lace jumper is so hard! I’ve un-done it and started from scratch a couple of times already. The other one is also tricky, I have difficulty following the pattern while decreasing. My colleague is a perfectionist, so she won’t let me have any error on this project. I can’t recall how many rows we unpicked.
And last but the least: The dress! I’m made great progress on the dress but it is still not wearable in public just yet.
What about you? Do you have WIP that you would like to make progress on? Join the party!

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