Arizona quilt

I’m so excited to share this finish with you today. It was part of my Q4 finish along list and I’m very happy to have it done on time to link up. You can find the Arizona quilt top post here.

It was my first time basting such a big quilt (even bigger than my Meadow quilt) and I must admit, it was quite a challenge. I had to re-arrange and tape the quilt three or four time to the table. Next time, I’ll probably consider made it basted by someone else (our local long arm quilter offers this service for about $40).

I had fun quilting my quilt on the festive season. It was fun to quilt next to our Christmas tree while listening to music. I almost felt on holiday.


I followed a pattern from the book 1,2,3 Quilt and the quilt was quilted with wonky rectangles. I thought it was a nice effect with the piecing and I replicated it. My rectangles were very wonky, but I think it still ok.    wonkyrectanglesfmq

The quilting is very dense, as I was quilting inside every single rectangles. I divided my quilt in several sections to make it more manageable and it took me two hours to quilt this tiny quarter that you see bellow. Phew! Quilting densely also means using a lot of threads, I kept buying more and more thread. I ended up using more than 1 000m of thread just for the quilting alone.


And here is the quilt finish! It was hard to take a picture as my city is so windy. With the help of hubby, we managed to have this one:


I struggle to find the perfect binding for this quilt and finally settle for a solid colour from the Kona range. It’s a lovely peach colours that lights up the quilt top and bring back to baking to life.

Arizonaquilt While quilting I was concerned that it would be too dense and too stiff, but it wasn’t. I love the texture. 
artgalleryfabricI couldn’t resist it, I had to try the quilt and admire the view for couple of minutes. We live in such a beautiful city.


My hubby loves the quilt too and as he was complaining that I give all my quilts away, so we are keeping that one. It now seats proudly on our bed.
Quilt Details:
Finished Size: approx. 70′ x 58′
Fabric: “Arizona” by April Rhodes (Art gallery fabric)
Backing: xx
Batting: Polyester
Binding: Kona solid (“Papaya” or “Goldfish”)
Pieced & Quilted by: Me
Pattern: “1,2,3 Quilt” by Ellen Lucket Baker
Linking up with TGIFF and Crazy mum Quilt.

12 thoughts on “Arizona quilt

  1. I really love how this finished out, Alice! I am a sucker for square quilting, and I really like how the dense quilting looks on this quilt. Finding a place to baste such large quilts can really be a challenge… I have heard that some quilters will go to local hotel lobbies and take over a portion of the floor for a bit when they need large space! :)

  2. Fantastic! The quilt design is a perfect complement to the fabric. And your quilting is amazing! I can’t imagine how long that must have taken!

  3. This quilt finished so well! I love the Arizona fabric, and you really did it justice with this pattern choice and the quilting. The texture is perfect, and so is the binding. Congrats!

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