Goodbye/Welcome back gift

Few weeks back, I left work as my contract was ending. I mentioned before that I currently live in New-Zealand with my husband and, being French, we need visa to stay. We weren’t sure that the visa would be accepted and my work decided to give me a goodbye gift on my last day. Turns out visa were granted and I went back to work one week after I left. So the “goodbye gift” became a “welcome back gift”. Ha!


They picked for me some Kiwiana fabric. Kiwiana is a fabric line representing some aspects of Kiwi’s culture (such as the silver fern, specific native birds, maori patterns, etc). It’s a good way to create a memory quilt. IMG_0432

I really like this cute kingfisher and those bright ferns. I know which quilt I want to make with those fabrics (the fabric were actually cut for a specific pattern), so as a true quilter I cut all my squares and packed them in glad wrap bags. Those bags would be ready to sew in the new Year! 

IMG_0446Do you have anything planed already for the coming year? Do you prep some of your quilts too?

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8 thoughts on “Goodbye/Welcome back gift

  1. Mary says:

    Glad your visa’s were sorted out, that’s a great fabric gift and you are well organised with your bags! I have a quilt I’ve been planning to make for over a year, I’ve been slowly gathering the supplies I need, it’s on the list for 2015!

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