Baby hoodie in the making

I’m starting a new knitting project. My colleague, seeing that I really enjoy knitting at the moment, offered me a pattern. It’s a hooded Coat from Shepherd. She said it’s an old time Kiwi favorite and so many kids were wearing this jacket here in New-Zealand. It is very convenient as the size can fit a 6 months to a 1 year old baby.


I’ve decided to go with Cleckheaton tweed yarn. I went for a dark color as I see it as a winter jacket. I like the look of the tweed but, as I knit, I keep taking them out as I’m annoyed that something is sticking out.

The pattern is easy to follow and I had no difficulty to create the texture. However, when it is necessary to decrease, I can’t seem to follow the pattern correctly and I keep unpicking it. Hope, I will crack the code.


The texture is very funny, this is what makes it extensible to fit a wide range of sizes. It’s quite old school but I like it and I’m sure it would be very warm to wear.

Are you knitting anything specific at the moment? Please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear (and see, if you have a blog post about it).


4 thoughts on “Baby hoodie in the making

  1. I love that pattern – it’s a kiwi classic! My daughter had a collared version in pink but before that I’d knitted it in 4ply and it was great for 3 – 6 months! I also adapted it to make her a multi-yarn version that was knit more in one piece. We loved that jersey and she wore it until she was above 3! There is a small picture on my blog under the ‘previous projects’ tab. I’m knitting a heap of Tikki (Georgie Hallam) patterns at present – mainly dolls clothes, but some for my five year old. They’re great patterns too! :-)

    • Hi Taryn,
      Thank you so much for sharing. I love your version, this is completely another level with the pretty chevron. So lovely! It’s so clever to knit in smaller ply for smaller size. I might do that to if I managed to finish this one.

  2. Another baby knit, Alice! Are you not telling your mum something? :)
    I am still knitting up the 4 kg of wool into a blanket. I’ll post a progress shot on Instagram soon. I think Wendy believes I have forgotten it!

    • Haha, no, still no news :-) It’s just because I’m scared to start an adult size item. I think baby size are more manageable to my skill level. Will see if I feel more confident one day, I might start something for myself. Can’t wait to see your blanket progress…

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