Sailor jumper

I’m so excited to share this freshly finished project with you. It was part of my Q4 finish along (project #3), so it’s nice to know I’m ticking some boxes of my checklist.
This jumper was a pleasure to knit. It had the right ratio of challenges to be interesting enough without being crazily hard. Not to mention how soft the yarn feels.
The rib collar came out nicely, as well as the “plackets”. Although I still needed help picking up stitches.
All the knitted pieces were finished for a while but I couldn’t bring myself to sew them together. It’s quite a tedious job, isn’t it? I like using my wonder clips to place the pieces together.
And tada!! Here is the finished jumper. I’m s happy with it. And the yarn is so smooth.
I particularly like three details in this jumper:
  • The little pocket, it was part of the design and it’s absolutely super cute.
  • The contrasting thread on the buttons. I couldn’t find nice buttons to go on this jumper, so I opted for plain ones. I was slightly disappointed until I notice a contrasting thread in one pattern and thought it was a great idea. Such a tiny detail but I love it.
  • I bought some ribbon with lovely marine like motifs and added it to the side. On the front, it is a lovely sailor hat and on the back, it is a saver ring.
And here is the back:
I absolutely adored knitting with Touch Yarns and can’t wait to find another cute pattern to knit.
Knitting Details:
Yarn:  Touch Yarns, pure merino wool, 8ply
Shade: Blue (837) and Cream (216)
Needles: 4 mm, plus 3,75 mm for the collar and armholes
Pattern: Child’s Striped Jersey TY9901
Size: 51 cm chest
What I learnt: Flap collar, ribbing on collar, buttonhole
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