Arizona quilt top

This Sunday, I pieced my Arizona blocks together and I now have a quilt top! I followed a pattern called “Random Rectangles Quilt” from the book 1,2,3 Quilt. The author (Ellen Lucket Baker) had a layout option that I followed until I shuffle things around a little bit. I love the look of it! It looks very random but it’s in reality made of a repeat of four different blocks.

I live in Wellington and this city well deserved its nickname: Windy Welly! I tried to take pictures of this top several days in a row without much success. I finally gave up and wearing my quilt top as a scarf was way more efficient than trying to take a picture of it. Oh well!

PicMonkey Collage

I know what quilting I want to do on that one, so I just have to buy the batting and a backing fabric and I would be ready to go (hopefully this weekend).

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8 thoughts on “Arizona quilt top

  1. Wow! I am loving this quilt. I love the fabrics and really do like how random it looks. That sounds like a great pattern to have… Random without a lot of work to make it look random!

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