Meadow quilt FMQ

I was so excited to share my Meadow Brick Wall quilt finished last time, that I forgot to talk about (and show you) some of the FMQ designs I made on this quilt.

It was my first time to FMQ an entire quilt. And to make things more exciting, I decided to change FMQ design (and thread) on every single brick. I was inspired by two books to create my designs: “Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters” and “First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli”. I highly recommend those two books for anyone interested on starting FMQ.

As my quilt has over 60 bricks, I wouldn’t show them all but here is my top 10:


As you see, my waves are far to be perfect but I still love them. IMG_9439

The same design structure could be used in different manners depending on the fabric and give a total different look.


Sometimes, I didn’t even create a specific design, but just followed the decorative pattern from the fabric.IMG_9438Adding a bit of jigsaw puzzles pieces here. 

And some flowers there.


I also liked adding simpler and bigger motifs such as these three hearts.


But dense motifs are also great. IMG_9431

I’m usually not a big fan of “pebbles” FMQ but it worked well on this brick.IMG_9430 I made several bricks with leafs and feathers like this one. IMG_9429

It’s also quite cool to look at the quilt from the back to see all these designs and colours popping up.


Towards the end of the quilting, I was more adventurous to try something more challenging and I realised this Plume feather based on Angela Walter’s video tutorial.


If you missed the overall quilt picture, it’s here and if you are interested on my FMQ setting, it’s here. Hope you enjoyed my Meadow Brick Wall closer up pictures.


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