Arizona blocks

I was meant to wait for The good smeller to start this quilt top but she says she was actually quite busy with Christmas gifts, so I could go ahead. Yay! I am actually pressured with time (I still don’t know in which country I will spend Christmas), so I better start my projects rather than taking the risk of moving everything again (and potentially not having access to my fabric for months). Cross fingers for me! I hope to stay in this beautiful country which is New-Zeeland.

The Arizona fabric is hard to resist anyway and after cutting all the pieces, I was very itchy to get going. As I pre-cut all my blocks, I thought it would be helpful to use a “design wall”. I’ve seen several people using batting in their sewing room, so I tried and it worked! I must say it was very handy (plus my husband didn’t seem to mind to have this up on our bedroom).


We live in a flat-share and I’m sewing in our bedroom on week days, so space is limited. However, I managed to find the perfect setting: sewing machine, pressing area, design wall and place to layout all the pieces. I placed all the pieces on top of a quilt that I could fold when not sewing, so that it wasn’t on the way and I didn’t have to re-arrange every time I needed. Efficiency is key! I could sew one block or two before or after work without too much hassle.


I was definitely happier this week having my daily sewing fix. I really loved using a design wall, I think I might use it for all my coming quilts from now on.

It was a smooth process and all the blocks came relatively quickly.


I don’t know how this happened, but I miscalculated some of the pieces I needed. I strongly recommend to keep whatever fabric scraps you have when you are working on a project as it was definitely life saving for me. I managed to fix all my mistakes and I don’t think it would be noticabele once the quilt finished.


And here is all the blocks finished:


I now need to find a layout that I like before piecing the quilt top together. I might need a second pair of eyes t help on this task. Hopefully I can share a quilt top very soon.

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5 thoughts on “Arizona blocks

    • Yes, I think it would not be noticed at the end. The pattern isn’t a complex one, it’s just a lot of rectangle together, so I just added a couple more. ;-)

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