Baby knitted singlet

I think, I’m officially obsess with knitting. I was preparing for a long weekend away and couldn’t imagine not having a knitting project with me. It had to be something simple as I couldn’t reach for my colleague help at that time.

I picked a simple singlet from Windsor print pattern. It seems very doable given my basic skills set. To remain gender neutral, I chose grey and yellow. I had the idea to do some random yellow stripes, grey being the main colour.


I started the project even before going away. It worked fine and I like the result of my random stripes. As metal knitting needles are not allowed to carry on the plane, I bought circular screw-in needles from Knit Pro. Once disassemble, it looks like two pens and it’s definitely not dangerous.


I forgot to take picture of my WIP as the camera was more used to capture to beauty of Bay of island rather than my knitting. However, I thought it was a very good idea to bring this project along a knit during quiet time.

The project was fast and easy but I still struggled at picking up stitches for my collar. I tried several times and even asked my husband for help. He agreed and tried his best. Bless him! You should have seen him: concentrating very hard (with his tongue out) while picking up stitches. Too funny!

It still wasn’t right, so I had to wait to see my colleague for help.


I picked up stitched for each armhole. It still not perfect (why can we see this yellow stitches?) but it was still an improvement compare to the collar.


And here is the result:

IMG_0232I’m slightly concerned about the size of the collar (seems to small to fit any baby’s head) but I really like it. It was fun to make and definitely worth while bringing knitting project while away.

Knitting Details:
Yarn: Naturally loyal 100% wool, 8ply
Shade: Grey (905) and Yellow  (902)
Needles: 4mm, plus 3,75mm for the collar and armholes
Pattern: Windsor print, Toddler’s sleeveless V neck, Design P54
What I learnt: Matching my own pattern of random stripes (back and front, neck left and right). I mostly stayed in my comfort zone for this project, (aka: not learning heaps new tricks) as I wanted to knit something while away and unable to ask for help.
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4 thoughts on “Baby knitted singlet

    • That’s a good point Wendy. The last pattern I followed mentioned “Cast off loosely” in bold letters but this one didn’t write anything so I might have not done it. Will definitely remember for next time.

  1. Wendy is right about casting off loosely. My favourite jumper when I was a kid was knit by my mum, but I almost ripped my nose and ears off every time I put it on or took it off as it was cast off a bit tightly around the neck.
    Picking up stitches is tricky. I still have to do the concentrating face when doing it. Your husband is a good sport!

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