It’s a dressmaking adventure

Just wanted to share a new project in progress: a summer dress! I live in New-Zeeland and we are in spring right now, so hopefully, I can wear this dress very soon. I’m doing the design A and chose a floral fabric (no surprise here).


First step was actually quite time-consuming: cutting the pattern and pining it to the fabric. I was a bit scared to cut through the pattern directly but everyone told me this is how you are supposed to do, so I ignored my inner voice and cut through.


Adding pieces together isn’t as straight forward as it may look but after several trials, I managed to find the logic way. Yay! Thank god there are symbols to match seams! I don’t know how much more confused I would have been without them. Ha!


And here is where I stopped: IMG_9635

Although it isn’t the final top, it still looks like a recognisable shape, so I was pretty happy with that.

Hopefully I can share the finish garment with you soon.




One thought on “It’s a dressmaking adventure

  1. Yes, you cut through the pattern. Sometimes I leave bits attached and fold the paper to avoid cutting it – but only if I think I might need the next size up later (like, after eating a lot of cake).
    Tailor’s tacks are very handy when marking the little symbols.

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