Meadow Brick Wall

It’s time to share with you my first free motion quilt finished. I’m so happy and so proud of the result.


Have a seat on this cute bench, admire the view of New-Zeeland sea and let me tell you the story of “where” this quilt is for.


I made this quilt not for a person but for a place. It would be for my husband’s family house. This house is quite special: it is where we met and where we married ten years later.

This house belongs to the entire family. When the great-grandmother passed away, none in the family could afford the house. It is located in a beautiful tourist place where the taxes are extraordinary high. Not to count the bills for such a big house…

However, everyone loved the house so much and they would have been devastated if they had to sell it. My husband’s granddad and his three brothers came up with an idea: building an association where every member of the family own the place, so that everyone could still enjoy the house and participate on the expenses. And it worked ! The four brothers were in charge of the house until the next generation was ready to take part. Now, the third generation (my husband’s generation) is also playing a big role.

The family meet every two-year (70 people!) in a different part of France and discuss the budget, where money should be spent, if anything need to be repaired, etc… It is a serious meetings but it is also the occasion to get to know each other better and have a laugh. I must say, as a partner of a family member it is very intimidating to be at this meeting for the first time but they are a lovely bunch and they welcomed me well.


The house is like a holiday house, you need to book it to be able to go there and you pay a small fee per night. I was first intrigued by this fee but now I think it’s normal. As you can stay there with friends, it helps participating on the bills.

My husband spent many holidays as a kid in this house, with his cousins. Later on, we also went to this house spending holidays and long weekends with friends. It is such a relaxing place.


Now, the fourth generation is starting to grow: one of my husband’s cousin has two kids and another one just gave birth last week. I thought it would be nice to have a quilt in this place to enjoy the garden with little ones. The quilt is dedicated to the fourth generation of the house. I’ll offer the quilt during the next meeting (next year). I’m not sure if we will be able to make it to the meeting (we missed a few when we where living in Australia) but my quilt will. I can’t wait to see all the cousins playing and getting to know each other on this quilt. I hope it will be part of a good memory of the house.

IMG_9664The label was totally inspired by the artist E. Wolfmeyer. I was looking for quilt label ideas and I fell in love with that one. I like the aesthetic and the fact that it has a lot of information without being cluttered. As the quilt will most likely be used in the garden, I thought adding a waterproof layer on the label was a good idea  would be a good idea, hence the shininess. 

Can you see how happy I am with the quilt? Offering the quilt to the house is also a way to still be able to enjoy it from time to time. Ha!
Quilt Details
Finished Size: approx. 53′ x 55′
Fabric: Meadow by Leah Duncan
Backing: Solid Blue
Binding: Alexander Henry, Fashion for the Home
Pieced and Quilted by: Me

This quilt was part of my Q4 finish along list. Linking up with TGIFF and Crazy mum Quilt.


18 thoughts on “Meadow Brick Wall

  1. Great photos Alice, and a lovely quilt too. What a lovely idea to gift it to the house and all those who stay there. I”m sure it will gets lots of use, and might just be the first of many that you make for that house.

  2. Kelly says:

    what a beautiful quilt! and going to a very special place too – makes me want to go ;) I am sure it will become a much treasured heirloom as much as the house itself is

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