Sailor jumper (WIP)

After the success of my last baby jumper (little matelot sweater), I decided to continue my journey of knitting with another baby jumper. This time, I went for Touch Yarns, a 100% Merino New-Zeeland wool. I chose one of their patterns, a little sailor jumper.


The first difference from last time was to start with a ribbing (purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, etc..). I was slightly concerned to change thread back and worth for every single stitch, but it wasn’t that hard. I got the hang of it just by watching one or two video on YouTube. You can “admire” my first ribbing:


I started with the back, which was very similar to the other jumper, so I didn’t need help and did it quite quickly.


The front was similar but with bigger stripes and some shaping at the collar. I still find it enjoyable and easy and did not require help up to this point. IMG_9631

I now have the sleeves to do, the collar with some buttonholes (this would be challenging) and joining up all the pieces together.

I must admit that I really enjoy knitting and I already dream of all the projects to come.

Does anyone know about good link up parties for knitting? I love sharing my work and seeing what everyone else is working on for quilts, would love to do the same regarding knitting.


3 thoughts on “Sailor jumper (WIP)

  1. Ravelry. You need to sign up for Ravelry. It has patterns and communities galore – and all for knitters and crocheters.
    I love navy and white stripes. I hope the colours are fast. I expect they are. Back in my early knitting years, I made a navy and white striped summer knit. I loved it until the first wash when the white became pale blue. Boo hoo! Fortunately, modern dyes are much better,

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