Mobile hearts

Don’t you love effective projects that are so easy, they could be done within minutes? Yes, me too.

While walking on the beach nearby my house, we came across a lot of dead wood and I thought it would be great to use some to hang something up in our room.


Coming back from the walk, I grabbed some leftover batting and fabric that I liked. On the fabric, I traced some heart shapes, sandwiched it with batting and fabric and sew inside the shape. I then simply cut where I traced the heart, leaving row edges.


In no time, I had this little mobile hearts up on the wall. It’s a great way to display your favourite fabric.


I’m sure it would look lovely in a little person’s bedroom too.

Linking up with Crazy mum quilt.


6 thoughts on “Mobile hearts

  1. Kelly says:

    oh man!! such a simple – and yet completely AWESOME idea! think I’ll put that in my file of “to-do’s” – would make a awesome christmas decoration too I think. well done!!

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