Using my Arizona bundle

Small WIP today to let you know my plan for the Arizona line (from April Rhode) that I absolutely adore!

As some of the prints are too pretty to be chopped too small, I found a nice pattern combining different sizes of rectangles. The pattern is from the book 1,2,3 Quilt from (Ellen Luckett Baker). As I have a coordinated solid fat quarter bundle, I think this quilt pattern is perfect. It looks random, but it’s actually very well structured. It combined a repetition of only five different blocks.


It’s my first time following a proper pattern for a quilt and I thought I may as well doing it seriously. So, I’ve written all the rectangles sizes required on each block to make the cutting process easier. arizonaartgallery

Do you know this feeling of being scared to cut through your beautiful bundle? Well, to make things last longer, I’ve pressed every fat quarter. I thought this was a helpful mental preparation. Ha!


I’ve now cut all my stripes. It took me quite a while to go through both bundle but I enjoyed it. The only stressful part was that I wasn’t sure to have enough fabric. According to the pattern, I didn’t, but I managed to make it work. Lucky day! Arizonafabric

I was itching to start straight away but I’m waiting for Bria (from The Good Smeller) who wants to join me for this quilt. She will also uses her Arizona fabric and we will do a QAL. I’m not sure if there is an official definition for QAL, for us, it’s just means that we are working on the same quilt at the same time. It will be fun!

If you want to join us please feel free. I’m sure this pattern could be used with many other lovely fabrics.

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6 thoughts on “Using my Arizona bundle

  1. It sounds like fun to be working on a quilt with a friend! Yay for stretching the fabric far enough to make the pattern, and I think that the pattern is going to be really effective for those prints.

  2. I got the book in finally! But I have several quilts that are Christmas presents I really need to finish first before I can start, so if you want to go ahead you don’t need to wait :)

    • Do you like the book? Do you like the book? Yay? I might go ahead as my future is quite uncertain (I don’t know if I will spend Christmas in the same country I currently live in). If I wait to long, my craft supplies might no longer be available to me. Sorry.

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