Meadow brick update and FMQ practice

I’m so excited to show you my progress on the Meadow brick wall quilt. When designing the quilt top, I wanted to free motion quilt every single bricks with a different design. As I never done free motion quilting before it was going to be a great exercise for me to learn but it also was a very daunting task.


On instagram, I took part in a daily free motion challenged organised by Sandi. Sandi went to a class with Angela Walters and she wanted to apply the 10 mins rules. Basically, Angela had told them to practice FMQ everyday, even if it was 10 mins. I thought it was a good idea to test some designs and simply experience the movement with the needle speed. Everyone who wanted to take part had to use the #dailyfmq on instagram. I didn’t do it everyday but I must say that it was the perfect exercise to get me started. It definitely gave me enough confidence to start a bigger project. Thanks again Sandi!


I first had to bast my quilt, quite a challenge as it is bigger than my dining table but I had no other way to do it. At the end, it wasn’t to much of a hassle, I basted the quilt in two different stages.


In addition to the basting pins, I’ve included a straight quilting line within each sashing border.IMG_9399

Then the fun part started. I previously did my homework and drew some designs ideas on a notebook. I had to find 66 different ideas that I could manage (I’m just a beginner) on free motion quilting. I didn’t exactly planned each design for each block but it was very useful to flick through my ideas when doing the quilting. From time to time, I layer the quilt on the floor to have a bigger picture of how it looked. IMG_9411

This was the setting that work best for me: threads and bobbins (yes, I matched all my threads), designs idea on paper, tins to put my safety-pins as I work through the blocks, phone to update instagram (;-), needle to buried all my threads, thread cutter, tweezers (I found it useful to bring treads up) and quick unpick (because you always need on of those close to your machine, right?).


I need to mentioned that I only unpicked when I had thread issue NOT when my lines weren’t straight enough or my curves not curvy enough. Yes, my quilt isn’t perfect, but I can live with that and I still love it so much!

Even though my designs aren’t perfect, I loved them so much. Sometimes, I didn’t even use a particular design but just followed the pattern on the fabric. It looked lovely:

IMG_9438It took me 4 entire days to finish the quilting. Can you imagine that? And when I say 4 days, it is really 4 days: I don’t have children to take care of or a busy social life to attend. Gosh, 4 days! I think, changing threads and burying tails (start + ends) was very time-consuming (but definitely worthwhile though).

I’ll show you more designs when my quilt is completed. For now, I’m doing the binding. Hope I can share more pictures with you soon. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I won the second prize on the instagram challenge and will receive Angela Walter’s books!!! Yes, all of them!! I’m so excited as I was borrowing her book “Free motion Quilting” from the library and thought it was very useful. Angela was so sweet during the challenge and commented on a lot of pictures. I always did a happy dance when she liked my free motion quilting progress.

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11 thoughts on “Meadow brick update and FMQ practice

  1. Congratulations! Your Meadow Brick quilt looks fantastic. This was a perfect design for using all the different quilting motifs in each block. Yes, it was time consuming, but so worth it! Beautiful finish, Alice!

  2. Awesome job Alice … it so great that you are trying a different pattern in each brick … I really love the one where you traced around the fabric pattern :) And a huge congratulations in winning the prize – you’ll be an expert after reading all those books!

  3. Congratulations on your win!! FMQ can be so daunting, but it’s lots of fun when you give it a try. I love your idea of doing a different design in every block, it makes your quilt look so beautifully textured.

  4. You finished! Hooray! That is a brave task to undertake, but a really useful one. I’ve been thinking that I should practice my free motion quilting… Oh, and I love how the fabric of your bricks goes with the architextures sashing.

  5. Fabulous – congrats on the win. I’m planning a colour block quilt and would love to try a different pattern in each block – great idea!

  6. Well done Alice – both on the quilting and on winning the prize! Now other people will be able to get that book out of the library because you’ll have your own personal copy!!

  7. Congratulations on winning her books! i have one of them too and find it really helpful! That brick pattern really suits the meadow fabric! It has some great prints in it to show off.

  8. That’s awesome that you won a prize! What a great project to practice on – enough to actually make progress, but not so much of the same that you get bored or burned out. Looks great!

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