Q4 finish along

This time around I’m on time to take part in the Q4 finish along organised by Katy on her blog: the littlest thistle. The principle is simple: you summit the list of WIPs you wish to finish by the end of the quarter. You can then share your progress and be on the draw to win prices. Go and check the littlest thistle blog for more details.

Finish Along 2014

My list of WIP to finish for Q4 is:

  1. Meadow brick wall
  2. xoxo
  3. Striped jersey
  4. Summer dress
  5. Pixelated heart
  6. Mini cat quilt
  7. Arizona random rectangles
  8. Brambleberry Ridge
  9. Polka dots stars

Q4 finish along Collage

I’ve made great progress on my Meadow brick wall, I only have the binding to sew and a label. My xoxo quilt needs to be quilted as well as my pixelated heart.

I have many quilts to start from scratch:

  • Arizona: I found a nice pattern on “1,2,3 quilt” book by Ellen Lucket Baker. It looks random but it is actually made of 4 different blocks. It would be my first time following a pattern.
  • Polka dots stars: I was inspired by Kaffe Fassett book “Shots and stripes”. I think, I would like the stars to look more random on the quilt, so I might not follow the exact pattern.
  • Mini cat quilt: one of my Instagram friend generously gave my some fabric of which some cat nap scraps and I would love to make a cat quilt.
  • Brambleberry Ridge: now, I love this line but I’m not 100% sure how to use it. I’m thinking triangles and I’m thinking making a boy and a girl version of the same item. We shall see how the inspiration strikes.

I also included non-quilt projects (which is, I believe, ok with the Q4 finish along rules):

  • Striped jersey: this would be my third knitted items and would build up my skills in learning how to do buttonholes and pockets. I hope to be more independent and be able to read the pattern on my own.
  • Summer dress: when I first started sewing, I wanted to created dresses. I haven’t had much success and I have 5 unfinished dresses in France. This time is my revenge and I’m determined to finish and wear a dress by the end of Q4.

Phew, it seems very ambitious, doesn’t it? I hope I can achieve most of these projects though.

I should mention that we are not 100% sure that we would live in the same country by the end of Q4. Obviously, this might have an influence on the outcome of this project. We are really hoping to stay in the country and are making visa paperwork for it. Please cross your fingers for us :-)


8 thoughts on “Q4 finish along

  1. Lots of beautiful projects, Alice – I hope you are able to get a lot (most? all?) of them completed! Also, I will be thinking of you and hoping it all works out for you to stay put. Good luck!

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