First knitting project

Today, I would like to share with you my first knitting project. I now work in a shop that sales yarn, many clients ask me questions about knitting and I thought I should learn how to knit. My colleague is an excellent knitter and she was willing to teach me. Like many beginners, I pick a scarf to start with. IMG_8286 It’s an easy project but boy, it’s so repetitive! I’ve used 4 balls of the same colour and I was so excited when I came to change colour. This scarf was actually “requested” by my husband and he picked the colours. Yes, bright pink! I’ve asked him several time if he was sure and if he would wear it if it was pink and he had no doubt whatsoever every time he answered. So pink it is. I should also mention that it is his design, he wanted the pink only in one side.  IMG_9452 I’ve spent many many evenings on that scarf. The good thing was, the bigger it get, the warmer you are doing it. It was never big enough for my husband though. IMG_9453 Luckily, I came to the end of the pink ball an it was finally enough! It measures 1,65 m. Phew. It took me forever, as I was quite slow. Plus, my hands after knitting for a while were painful but I was quite pleased with the regularity of my stitches:IMG_9456

Knitting Details
Yarn: Naturally loyal 100% wool, 8ply
Needles: 4mm
What I learnt: Casting on, casting off, changing ball same colour, changing colour, garter stitch

8 thoughts on “First knitting project

    • Oww, thanks so much! The next project is a little jersey (for baby, no more adult size items! :-). I just finished it, I will share it next week on the blog.

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