Round Robin: border 2

Hello, here is a new post about our Round Robin group: Possum magicThis time, I’m adding the second border to Jane’s center block. This is what I received through Rebecca (who added the first border):

Jane’s block with Rebecca first border, a notebook to write down our inspiration, a signing block and a bag full of scraps. Youpi!


I first started by auditioning some fabrics. Green is not a color that I have a lot of in my stash but I had some leftovers from my “Forest” quilt that could work. I decided to add a pinch of vibrant solid color to lift my border. Jane mentioned that she wasn’t too keen on busy prints, so my task here was to tone it down.


I started by cutting and sewing long stripes with a solid surrounded by two different greens.

IMG_9232 My initial plan was to follow the arrow direction to place my stripes but I realised quickly that it looked very messy. So I opted against that plan. IMG_9235

When I showed it to one of my local sewing friend to get her opinion, she said, it still looked quite busy and I needed to tone it down with a solid border. I found this grey border who worked well. IMG_9381

I like the look of corners on medallion quilt but as you can see I really struggle to get the size right for this pinwheel. Mhmm. I even asked my husband’s help but it resulted in a mini fight. Ha, quilt is not always peaceful, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I finally managed to get the right size. I only picked fabric that was used in the center (thanks for the scraps bag). I was also very proud of my “turning” effect. If you follow the green triangle for example, you can see it spinning, right?IMG_9383

And here is how it looks put together: IMG_9408

I enjoyed making this border, it was a bit challenging for me to work with those colors and to make my concept work but it is good to try something new. This is how you learn! Despite not being my color of choice, I really like the green/purple combo.

Possum magic

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16 thoughts on “Round Robin: border 2

  1. I appreciate how the consult with your quilting buddy resulted in a very beautiful conclusion. The turning effect is very clever. I think the pinwheel HSTs should be desired finished size, divided by two, plus 1/2″. I add an inch to the HST finished size to cut the two squares I use to make two HSTs by sewing 1/4″ on either side of a drawn diagonal line (right sides together). Then I square up to the finished size. If I add 7/8″ instead of a full inch, it always ends up too small.

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