New fabric

Tiny post to let you know my latest purchase fabric-wise. These fabric came with the Mercer bundle (PS: a winner has been picked for the fat quarter bundle). I chose, from the westwood acres fabric online store, a fat quarter bundle of fabric. It is the “Nap cat” coordinating fabric. I don’t have the cat nap collection but I love the colour palette. A quilt idea is slowly growing for this bundle (it involves FMQ). I also purchase a new rotary cuter, a 45 mm. I previously used the 28 mm and my colleague keep saying to me that I should upgrade.


This polka dots bundle also came in the package because you never have too much polka dots, right? Yes, it was a good mail day for me. IMG_9254Hope you are enjoying your week-end and happy sewing!



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8 thoughts on “New fabric

  1. No, never! Polka dots forever :) And I hate to tell you this now that you bought the 45, but having always used a 45 myself, I recently bought a 60 mm and other than teensy cutting around little templates (for which I’d used a 28), my 45 hasn’t been touched since. Happy creating, Alice!

  2. I have polka dots but have yet to happily include them in a fabric pull! I’ll have to keep thinking about potential projects for them. I love the colors of that Nap Cat bundle, too! Can’t wait to see what you create!

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