Three little boats sailing away to France

I have several friends with baby boys who are celebrating or about to celebrate their first birthday. We can’t be there for them but I thought I will make a little something for the boys to enjoy. IMG_8850 Selecting boy-ish fabric isn’t too easy in my girly-girl fabric stash. However, I really wanted to use what I had so, I pulled out four different fabric and I think it works. The only thing I bought this time was 1m of ric-rac. IMG_8857 I simply traced a simple boat on a piece of paper and used it as a template. Nothing difficult here. IMG_8862 I thought those tiny boats were too cute and could be used for a quilt block. I need to do a quilt boat now. IMG_8875 Joinining them together, adding some polyester fiberfill and voila: IMG_8880I added an embroidery for my little cousin. His name is “Tom” so it was nice to add a life ring for the “O”. I loved how they turned out and I hope the three little boys will like them too.

Linking up with Crazy mum quilt and Diana Rambles.


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