New in my stash: Mercer by Dear Stella + Giveaway

I’ve been eyeing the Mercer fat quarter bundle for quite a while. It was actually sitting in my “cart” from Westwood Acres store for some weeks. When I finally decided to press “continue to check out” the bundle wasn’t available any more. No! Why? It made me want this line even more. I mean, how cute is this seriously?


I then realised that the half yard bundle was still available. Eeeek! You need to know that I’m new to buy a whole fat quarter bundle, so buying an entire half yard bundle is quite a step. I decided that this line was worth it. Every time, I see a project with those fabrics, I’m in love.

When I received the package and opened it, I was immediately seduced. Still, I felt a bit self-conscious to have so much fabric at once. To celebrate my 200th follower on IG, I decided to share my bundle with an IG friend. I’ve met so many great and inspiring people on IG, I just wanted to give some love back. If you want to play along, pop on IG and share the picture, it’s open to new friends too :-) photo

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9 thoughts on “New in my stash: Mercer by Dear Stella + Giveaway

      • Lina says:

        I would lo-o-o-o-ve to have this stash. Fabric patterns are awesome. I just don’t use instagram and don’t know much about how to use. I don’t even know if I want to open an account there….just afraid that I will be lost in time on one more website :)))))
        However, can I have a chance of winning this stash without instagram account???

    • Haha, I do that often Karen. I place to the cart everything that I like then see how much it is, get a fright and delete items. I do that several day in a row just to be sure I really really like what I purchase. It’s a complicated process isn’t it? :-)

  1. wowilikethat1 says:

    I haven’t a clue what IG is and probably others don’t either so they aren’t entering. I would like to include you giveaway on my Giveaway List and send some people your way but you will have to explain how to enter. You can find the list at and write me at Thanks.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for your comment and really sorry it didn’t make sense. I shouldn’t assume everyone knows about everything. I’m the first annoyed when I read an acronym that I don’t know off and the explanation isn’t available on a blog. So shame on me for doing the same thing.

      IG is the acronym for Instagram, a picture app on smartphones. It is a bit like facebook but you follow people you don’t necessarily know and follow them by interest (for example I follow a lot of quilters). It’s great to see what everyone is working on. I even met people in real life and made friends this way. To celebrate the fact that I have 200 followers on this app, I decided to organise a giveaway. It means you need to have the app (which is free) to enter the giveaway, re post the picture with the hashtag #blossomgiveaway. With this hashtag, I know how many people have entered (at the moment 3) and can pick a random number fr the winner.

      This is the language of Instagram so I hope it make sense. I haven’t done a giveaway yet on my blog as I’m unsure on how to organise it. I need to find an easy way first AND find something to celebrate :-)


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