New machine

Do you remember when I was wondering whether to buy a new machine or not few weeks back? Well, she is here!!

But first, a big thank you for all the comments I receive on this post. It really helps to receive helpful feedbacks. I love this online quilting community so much, you guys are so supportive (special thanks to Carla, JudyEsther, Bria and of course Yvonne).

Let me present you the new addition to our home: the Janome DC6030.


She came with a hard cover, an extension table (very handy) and several feet (unfortunately NOT a walking foot nor a darning foot). I spent my first week-end sewing with my new toy and made the Meadow brick quilt top.

It was a real pleasure to sew with this machine. Let me tell you what changed my life and what I particularly love about it:

photo 1

A big cheer up to the scissor button!! I used to use my little snippy thread cutter every minute but not any more. I actually hardly touched it this time. I also like the “Needle up/Needle down” option and “locking stitch”. It makes such a neat locking stitch as oppose to my ugly manual reverse. I was slightly scared to go for a computerised machine as I only use mechanic, but there is really no reason to be scare at all. This is like nights and days!

photo 2

The next feature I love is the drop down bobbin. It is way easier to insert your bobbin, you don’t need to bring your thread up AND you can see if you are running low in thread. Brilliant!photo 3

I could go on all night about my new machine but decided to stop to three lovely features. So, last but definitely not least, I love the stitch selector and the screen. It’s probably a nice way to jump from mechanical to computerised as you still have buttons to click. Despite having a limited number of stitches (30), I prefer being able to visualise them and quickly select the one I need. Everything is so easy to select. The arrows are for stitch width and stitch length (easy peasy).

I know these are basic features for computerised machines, but coming from manual machines, it is definitely changing my sewing life. If you are looking to change machine and only used mechanical machine, do not hesitate a second to purchase a computerised, it will feel like magic to you.

I can’t wait to create more and more projects with this beauty.

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7 thoughts on “New machine

  1. I love those three buttons too! I was helping my grandmother rehem her jeans last week on her sewing machine (this grandmother is not a seamstress), and it lacks those buttons. I missed them. I have become spoiled!
    I hardly ever use the fancy stitches, so 30 should be more than enough!

  2. Hi Alice! After using this machine for a few months now, would you recommend it? I’m looking to buy a new sewing machine for myself and this one is the one I decided on. I’m happy I found your blog because I was going to get it on Saturday but it’s always good to get an opinion from someone who actually owns and use it :)
    Thank you

    • Hi Dominika!
      Go for it! I love this machine. I actually can’t think of one thing I don’t like about it. It should comes with a hard cover and an extension table. I now mostly sew with my extension table on. Even while piecing, I find it more comfortable.
      If you do a lot of patchwork, I will advise you to purchase a Janome pack which include a 1/4 inch foot, a walking foot, a cloth guide and an embroidery foot. The 1/4 inch foot should be included with the machine but not all the other foot within this pack (and it should be less expensive to buy the pack rather than one foot at the time). The 1/4 foot from the pack is also better. Let me know if you got it! Exciting time fr you!

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