I thought I would give you a little update on XOXO quillt for WIP Wednesday. We had a little get together sewing day with local girls on Sunday and I did some great progress on that quilt top.

I managed to finish all my letters and, by the end of the day, I was trying to find a layout. I must say that it is quite tricky to find a layout when picking the colours wasn’t part of the design process. All I did was using all my pink fabrics from my stash. And when I say “all my pink”, I really mean every single print or solid I own in pink.


I’m a big fan of buying and sewing new designer’s fabric collections. But I also like the feel from a random patchwork with random fabrics. To me, I feel closer to the people who were doing patchwork in the first place. They were not planing on specific fabric designs but used what they had on hand. Doing a random patchwork makes me feel part of this line of quilters.


The girls from the get together helped me to find a layout. Are you willing to help too? Which option would you prefer? What letters would you switch?




9 thoughts on “XOXO WIP

  1. mmm. I’m tending towards the one on the left, but I might move the brighter blocks into the centre more – they’re currently a bit heavy on the right hand side. Have fun.

  2. I like the second layout, but I would probably mix the letters a bit more in rows 4 and 5, 4 reads as too “dark” and 5 as too “light” to me. I would go for an even mix where my focus is in one particular spot so that I can take in the whole. :) Good luck – sometimes picking the layout is challenging but so rewarding when you are happy with it!

  3. I like the one on the right because it has a couple of the same letters adjacent which makes my eye follow it along that line looking for a tic tac toe. I love all the pink!

  4. Heidi says:

    The scrappiness is great in both! I’m not sure how big it is, but I would be tempted to add another row onto #1 with L O V E (letter) blocks to balance out the darker shades. Or a name maybe!

  5. Either would work! As long as you have light and dark mixed about evenly, you cannot go wrong.
    The one on the left has a lot of the dark blocks in the middle, it seems. I would suggest moving a dark block to the top and bottom rows.
    As Yvonne says, on the one on the right, row 4 is a bit dark and row 5 is a bit light at the moment. Swap the dark red X on line 4 with the middle X on line 5, perhaps?
    Pink is always a good choice!

  6. Thanks everyone! I’ll have another layout session and take all your comment on boards. I will let you know how I go (but not this weekend as I am on wedding duty, whouhou!!!!).

  7. The second layout stood out to me the most, but I do also like the first one. I actually like in the first one where the dark Xs are grouped into a ‘5’ shape (like the dots on a dice). It gives it another pattern with the top and I like that for the some reason!

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