Help, I have rust on my quilt!

I basted this quilt few weeks ago, I tried to quilt it with a normal sewing foot and it wasn’t great. So, I waited to have enough money to buy a walking foot. When I did, I wanted to have a go at this quilt again but realised (to my horror) that I had rust stains!!!


What is surprising though, is that I have stains only on the white fabric (it is a bleached calico). As soon as I discovered this, I removed the safety pins and threw them away.


My question to you is: have you ever come across this problem? Do you know what to do?

My first instinct was to Google it and I found out that lemon and salt could remove rust stains. I’ve tried it last week-end and unfortunately it didn’t help.


If you have any other tips, please let me know. My colleague says: unpick it! What would you do?


10 thoughts on “Help, I have rust on my quilt!

  1. I have never encountered or heard of such a thing :( I know this sounds odd but what about trying the lemon juice again and putting it in the sun? I recently started hanging clothes out to dry and my husband’s white t-shirts that are way to old to still be used are sparkly white again – every stain that was in them is gone! It might be worth a try? My aunt, who was into all things ‘old school’ used to say the sun would take out anything. I thought it was the ramblings of an old woman. . . couldn’t believe she was right! So sorry this happened to you! I hope you find something that works!

    • Thanks Judy. When I applied the lemon, I did let it dry on the sun. I couldn’t try again today is it is freezing cold and grey and raining! We are over winter here in NZ! Ha

  2. I have referred to my Spotless book and the two authors suggest a few things. It is too long to explain here, so I will email. They do say that the salt and lemon can take a few repeats before it fades, but they have other suggestions too. Do not lose hope just yet.
    Throw those pins out.

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