Meadow brick quilt top

Last week, I bought a new machine, eeeek! It’s a Janome 6030, it is my first computerised machine and Oh Boy, I love it!

I had to start a new project over the week-end to celebrate my new machine. I picked my Meadow fat quarter bundle (from Leah Duncan), added a wonky stripy grey and started cutting. I already had an idea on what to do with this beautiful bundle. As some of the prints are quite big, I didn’t want to lose all the prettiness by cutting them too small. Instead, I opted for a very simple quilt design who will allow the fabric to shine by themselves.


This is how I came up with the brick wall quilt idea. I had a look around to see how other people were making this type of quilt and I really like Rachel’s version (blogging at Stitched in Color). She did a quilt-a-long back in 2010 with this design. Even if the pattern is pretty straight forward, I always find useful to read other’s people tutorials for inspiration. For example, I really like the way she explains how to cut the bricks to best utilise your fabric (cutting: fat quarters become bricks). After many toing and froing, I decided to cut my bricks slightly smaller than hers.


In one evening of sewing, I put all the rows together. I was discovering my machine and I am now in love! I especially like the scissor button, it makes life so much easier.


What also made life easier this time was to number the beginning of each row. I don’t know why I wasn’t doing it before, I was just making it more difficult for myself. It’s great when you chain piece as you might mix them up when you press them and also to know which side to add the next piece of fabric. IMG_8833

The next day, I continued sewing. I had to run twice to the local shop to buy more sashing (apparently, quilt maths isn’t my biggest strength).


Towards the end of the afternoon, the quilt came together. I’m really not disappointed with my simple quilt design choice.


The initial plan for quilting was to FMQ each bricks in a different design. I’m not too sure this is the best solution though, so I’m open to suggestions.

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9 thoughts on “Meadow brick quilt top

  1. this is gorgeous. i love the gray for the separation in the bricks….i am partial to this line. it is so pretty. i am actually making 2 quilts with it right now.

  2. Congratulations on your sewing machine purchase! I am so happy to know that you are really loving her as you are getting to know her. :) I think the quilt top looks fantastic, and I do like the idea of playing with different FMQing designs in each brick. They seem big enough to have some fun and practice and small enough to make a lot of progress each day!

  3. Shauna says:

    That is awesome, I love the simple layout because it is also striking. I like the idea different designs in each block, I think it would look cool

  4. A new machine! Wonderful! I am a big fan of the scissor button too.
    I sometimes think that quilting is mostly about fabric choice (even though I have just spent two years piecing one quilt top). If you choose lovely fabrics as you have done, a simple design just lets them shine.

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