The Pinwheel star quilt

I’m glad to work through my pile of WIP (find the pin-wheel star WIP here). One of my friend noticed this quilt top and said to me: “if you finish it, I’ll buy it from you”. That’s a good motivation, right?


As I mentioned on the WIP post, I wasn’t too sure how to quilt it. I was planing on doing straight quilting lines with my machine but as now the quilt is for sale and I’m not confident at quilting yet, I decided against this option.

My friend was willing to pay for a pretty quilting design, so I went to see my long arm quilter. I’m really keen to learn quilting but I love what a long arm quilter can do, so it will be hard for me to venture into my own quilting (especially on bigger piece). Once again, I wasn’t disappointed with the quilting result, I love this quilt so much with its added pretty texture.

When choosing the quilting design, I wanted to go for a “lace” look as the colour from the top are very subtle and delicate, I wanted to keep the same atmosphere. With the help of the long arm quilter, I picked a flower design. In my mind, it replicate well the design of lace. Quilting detail

I find the quilt so pretty, so delicate and feminine, I love it! Once again, it would be hard to let this quilt go, but I know it is going to a lovely family and would be loved.


Here is the back:

IMG_8712I chose to go for a brighter pink for the binding to “lift” the quilt:


This is the first time for me to add a label with my own name (I usually write the child’s name). As I meet more and more quilting people, they all insist on adding a label to quilts. I haven’t found the perfect solution yet but I like the handmade look this embroidered label gives. IMG_8772

PS: The city I live in at the moment (Wellington) is so windy. It is really hard to take picture of still quilts. More often than not, this is the picture result:


Quilt Details
Finished Size: aprox. 50′ x 50′
Fabric: Fat quarter purchased in France + white calico
Backing: Soiree a Stonehill Collection by Donna Wilder + solid and stripy pink
Binding: Penelope by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods
Pieced by: Me
Quilted by: Long arm quilter (peonies for marcy by sweet dreams quilt studio)
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17 thoughts on “The Pinwheel star quilt

  1. Your quilt is lovely, and the embroidered label is perfect. When I make quilts for children, I usually put the child’s name or monogrammed initials somewhere on the front of the quilt, prominently, in a way that ties in with the design of the quilt. Then I’ll embroider in small, less conspicuous lettering near the binding edge “Stitched with love by (my full name), Charlotte, NC 2014.” Sometimes I will put this information on a separate label and applique it to the back of the quilt, but always BEFORE machine quilting so that the label can’t fall off or be deliberately removed. Although I just recently got a glimpse of the quilt I made for my niece’s baby shower 6 years ago… She has LITERALLY loved it to pieces and there is no way it will last long enough for any quilt historians to complain about what is or isn’t included on the quilt label. I’m just happy to see her dragging it around with her and enjoying it after all this time. :-) Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt finish!

    • Thanks Rebecca. I also enjoy watching quilts being used. My friend came home several time and her little one uses some of my finish quilts. I just love it. Really like to see pictures of the child on my quilts, hope she will send a picture soon. Quits are meant t be loved, who care if they get dirty sometimes. Wash it, it will make more beautiful crinkles :-)

    • Hello! I’m very surprise at the huge quilting community locally. I only arrived in December and I already met so many amazing quilters here. So bless…

  2. The quilt turned out very sweet. The quilting compliments the top nicely. Your label is a great touch. You should give free-motion a shot, but with something that is low pressure and small, like placemats or pot holders, or a child-size charity quilt.

    • Thank you! I definitely want to learn how to quilt. I did a small quilt with straight lines on a walking foot this week-end. I was pleasantly surprise, will share on the blog soon. I really want to explore FMQ too. I’m watching Leah Day’s video every day at the moment :-)

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