I finally started sewing my “X” and my “O”s. You can see the laborious cutting progress here. By the way “xoxo” stands for: hugs and kisses. I wrongly assumed it was a common thing for everyone to sign letters, texts or emails this way. While talking to my colleagues here in New-Zeeland, I realised that it wasn’t a kiwi thing. They thought I was doing a quilt related to the xo game. I’m not! It really is for hugs and kisses.

After debating for way to long on how to do it, I actually just did it. This quilt top has a lot of non sewing preparation time (cutting, marking, pining, etc) but I didn’t mind too much as I do this prep work during the week when I can’t sew (i.e when everyone is watching TV).


Finally the week-end arrived and I chained pieced like a mad person.


To avoid wasting fabric too much (which was bothering me at the first place), I sewed an extra line and cut in a middle to create tiny HST. It was double the work doing so and I don’t know yet what to do with these HST, but I love them and I’m feeling better about the non-wastage situation.


I managed to do several colours in one day of sewing and now I’m more inclined to work on this quilt as I made great progress. By the way, I need to say a huge thank you to my wonderful husband who let me sew the entire day while he was cooking a three course meal for our dinner guests. I didn’t step up in the kitchen once.


So now, I have most of my shapes done to create the two letters. The task for my next sewing day would be to assembled them. Well, I’m also missing some white, so I would need to start this process over again for a couple of colours. IMG_8296

See you next time,



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