Capital Quilter’s Exhibition

This week-end, the local quilt guild from Lower Hutt (Capital Quilters) were exhibiting their quilts. It’s a biennial event, so I was lucky to be in Wellington at the right time. I was even luckier to join them for their opening night and prize night.


I was so impressed by the amount of quilts that they had to show (more than 200) and by the diversity in style. It was a very enjoyable exhibition and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite quilts.

IMG_8152This one was probably my favourite. I like the naive look and the bright colours. It is called “I did it my way” by Patricia O’Grady. I’ve seen it previously on a show and tell meeting. The lady was explaining that it was her first time buying fabric from the internet and she received a completely different fabric from what she originally wanted. She had to ask help from her grandchildren and then from a younger person from the guild. I think she was so cute and I really admire her bold colour choices. 

Aurora Borealis” by Ngaira SewellIMG_8174

Crested Multi Coloured Regal Eagle” by Sheryl Anicich

5 Days and 5 Nights in New-York” by Tracy Carew. This one received so many prizes. I had to check it again after the prize ceremony and yes it is a pretty amazing quilt.IMG_8153

I loved the fresh colours from that one, so bubbly. I want to be in summer and drink lemonade under a tree with that quilt. “Valencia Orange” by Debra Delorenzo.

IMG_8227The more traditional looking quilts where also present, I particularly liked that one “There is a time for Every Season” by Ngaira Sewell.


I’ve seen this one a couple of time before but it is always a delight. It is called “Marcelle Medallion” by Anne Read. The pattern is from the Liberty Love book (p77) and I’m very tempted to do one myself.

IMG_8212It was funny to assist at the prizes ceremony, I wasn’t aware at the bazillion categories. Only two judges went through all the categories and it took them the entire day. Phew, what a task!


I was very happy to see Adrianne from One the windy side winning couple of ribbons for her appliqué “Garden for birds 2“.  IMG_8215I was also very pleased for my (almost) neighbour Anne Read to win a prize for her “I heart Tula Pink” quilt (you can find her on Instagram @elmosmate).

This is just a small selection of the quilts that was presented. It was an amazing show and I was so impressed by the quality and level of skills from each quilt. I loved the exhibition, well done to the Capital quilter’s guild for organising it!


2 thoughts on “Capital Quilter’s Exhibition

  1. I think your favourite is my favourite too, although the others are beauties as well.
    How cute that she had help with online shopping. (I was helping my gran online a few days ago, so I get it.) The bold colours make me think someone younger made it. Perhaps she is young at heart.

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