Family soft toys for Nina

When we arrived in NZ, we were welcomed by friend’s of friends. They were so sweet, they welcomed us in their home for a couple of weeks and we stayed home-sitting their place during Christmas while they were away visiting family. We just had to take care of their (fat) cat. It helped us a great deal, so I wanted to created a little thank you gift.

Mum just sent me some of my embroidery floss and I had the idea to portray the family. I’m not so good at drawing but I wanted the little characters to look like the real ones. I transferred my drawing to a calico piece and chose a blue/green colour palette to coordinate everyone’s attire.

I sew around each character to create a small pocket and added some polyester fill in each family member. I love the 3D effect it gave.


Here is the entire family:


Of course, I had to create their house. The house actually works as a small pouch where the family can hide. The little pouch is quilted with simple straight lines to mimic the wooden panels.


I really enjoyed making this gift and it gave me so many ideas to create more soft toys.

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6 thoughts on “Family soft toys for Nina

  1. So very cute! Nina will love them! I think your drawing skills are brilliant.
    I am sure you are underestimating how much you helped them too by house-sitting and looking after the (fat) cat. We have a well-rounded cat and he takes a lot of looking after!

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