Snowflake (WIP)

One of my friend recently announced that she was pregnant. I was so excited for her and, immediately, my brain start buzzing with quilting ideas for her little one. My friend grew up in Savoie, a French mountain region. I met her at uni in Lyon and she always misses her mountains. I can’t blame her, the region is splendid.

WE au Praz 097

So, I had a mountain theme in mind for her. I went to the library and borrowed a Swedish knighting book. I picked a lovely star snowflake pattern. The colours were easy to pick, she wanted the gender to remain secret and mountain is all about red and white. I bought 5 fat quarters at my local fabric shop and started cutting mini squares (2′).


I must admit that my enthusiasm faded away as my first few blocks were not matching and I confused myself with the colours-coding so many times. So, I put the project on the back burner. I had in mind that my friend was due in September, so I had plenty of time to deal with it.

I received an email two weeks ago saying that baby Léonie was born. I was so excited to see the little girl in picture and so in shock that I got the date so wrong. This is what happens when you live so far away from your friends.

So, I tried to organised myself and continue the project but realised the task was not realistic (I needed more than 800 squares!) given my time frame.


I opted for a simpler version of a snowflake (found here). Thanks to a sewing date with follow local Wellingtonians quilters, I found my mojo back.


What was key for me was to cut the design in sections, arrange each section and snap a picture before starting to sew. I was easily confused with the colours order so referred to the picture all the time.


I chained piecing two squares by two squares, then four by four and pressed seams this way:


Slowly, I managed to sew all my sections and the design magically appeared:


I decided to add a border as I had extra red squares ready to sew.


And here is my top:


It is now at my local long arm quilter. I can’t wait to see the final result and send it to my friend.

Linking this top to Link Tuesday, Show and Tell Tuesday and WIP Wednesday

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19 thoughts on “Snowflake (WIP)

    • That’s right Karen. And although I was slightly frustrated and disappointed to change plan, I now love the result. Stay tuned for the finished quilt.

  1. Ohhh, so cute! Next time (ha!) you want to do something like this, there’s a method that uses washable interfacing. You iron the pieces to the interfacing, then sew long rows all at once. Then when you’re done you wash away the interfacing. I think I first saw it during Cut to Pieces Mario quilt-a-long. I think it would really help with not getting the pieces all mixed up. :D This turned out really cute though!

  2. I love it! I am sure your friend will too.
    Check out cross-stitch books in your local library for even more ideas. :)
    Babies have a habit of sneaking up on me too. I never seem to remember their due dates correctly, and when I do they come early anyway!

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