Irish chain (WIP)

After sewing my “Tiles” quilt top, I was inspired to do more Irish chain blocks. I recently received a bag full of scraps and found couple of stripes with a countryside theme. I thought it would be perfect for an Irish chain quilt.


This time, I followed a tutorial. I like this video from MissouriQuiltCo, it is very well explained. The pressing is key here. As a reminder: press towards the darker colours. It will help to nest seams properly later on. And I must say, it worked like magic.


I really like discovering about short-cuts like sewing stripes to add 3 squares together. In no time, all my 9 patch blocks were assembled.


I alternate a solid block with this Irish chain block, and here is the top:


My plan was to made it quilted with a wood grain stitch. However, my long arm quilter doesn’t have this stitch, so I’m still looking for options.

Linking this top to Link Tuesday and WIP Wednesday

TuesdayWIP Wed


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