Dear Goldie (my first flying geese)

I haven’t quilt for long but what I was obsessed about (and still is) is Half square triangles. This is the first quilting technique I learnt and I think they are so great, you can do so many designs with them. All my quilts were based on HST, but this year, my quilting goal was to spread my wings and learn new blocks and new sewing techniques. I was thinking of flying geese for a while, I like them, but maybe not in an entire quilt. An idea started to form in my head: flying geese stripe, polka dot, pink and some gold.

I chose two different shades of solid pink and a polka dot pink for the flying geese. I only did one strip and I love how they turned out.


What I had in mind was a very simple quilt design with stripes: one flying geese stripe, one gold stripe and one solid pink stripe, alternating with white. I like minimalist look and this idea was perfect.

Once the top done, I gave it to my favourite long arm quilter and chose a floral design. It just brings everything together and doesn’t look so plain anymore, I love it.


The backing fabric is very special to me. It comes from my husband’s grandma. I had the chance to know her and spend some time with her. She was a talented seamstress and I even stayed one week at her place with all the ladies (sister-in-law, cousins-in-law) to learn how to sew. She helped me sewing a summer dress. I loved that week and will cherish it for a very long time. When she passed away, we decided to share her fabric stash. The backing is one of her fabric, I’m sure she would love seeing it being transformed as a quilt.


I wasn’t too sure what type of fabric to use for the binding. When I asked around, someone suggested to use the same as the backing fabric. Brilliant! I don’t often think of this option but it is very valuable and help making a homogeneous result.


I love this quilt and the vintage feel attached to it: maybe it’s the wrinkles, maybe it’s the vintage look from the back fabric, I don’t know but I love it! This quilt does look very girly with all these pinks and flowers, I’m not ashamed to be a girly-girl and I can picture this quilt in a little princess bedroom.


Quilt Details
Finished size: approx 28′ x 38′
Fabric: Solid pink cotton, pink polka dot cotton and gold satin
Backing & Binding: Vintage floral 
Pieced by: Me
Quilted by: Professional Long arm quilter


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16 thoughts on “Dear Goldie (my first flying geese)

  1. Beautifully done!! I am doing flying geese for the first time too. I am finding them to be fiddly and difficult. . . that may be my perfectionism coming out though ;) Yours are beautiful and this quilt is wonderful. I’m sure your husband’s grandma would be very proud!

    • Hi there, I can’t believe that you feel that way towards flying geese when you have an AMAZING quilt on the festival. Crazy quilting, you are so talented!

  2. There is so much that I could say about this quilt. I have two quilts at my house, one made by each of my paternal and maternal grandmothers. They are both ragged but I really have no plans to mend them. Also, I have a bag of fabric scraps from my mom, all vintage. I will use them when I get the inspiration. Too wonderful to use really but I must! Love your quilt so much!!!

  3. I love your flying geese and the pop of gold! I just played with flying geese for the first time as well. Stopping by from New Quilt Bloggers.

  4. I love your mini quilt. I like the choice of colors (splash of gold), but most of all, I love that it will always remind you of your grandmother and the special sewing times you had wit her.

  5. I also love the gold stripe! I have been thinking I want to try my first flying geese. Are they paper pieced, or just pieced by hand? Lovely finish, and I’m sure your grandmother would be very happy to see her fabric become the back to such a gorgeous quilt. I, too, have a quilting grammy who recently passed away. It’s nice that with a hobby of sewing & quilting, it’s an opportunity to think fondly of the memories spent with her.

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