Hedgehog hexagon quilt

Do you remember when I was hand stitching my hexis in my outdoor craft room? (if you missed it, it’s just here). Now that I finished the binding, I cannot wait to show you the finished quilt:


I went to my favourite long arm quilter and decided to go for a quilting design on the negative space of the quilt. I chose a pattern that is meant to fill hexagon shapes, so it would combined well with my hexagon print stripe. I really like how it turns out.

Although, I have one comment: because the hexagon stripe isn’t quilted, it look a bit “loose”. I don’t think this is an issue and it will age well wash after wash, it’s just looking so obvious on the picture above.

IMG_7079I find these tiny hedgehogs and dandelions way too cute. I picked a simple solid green for the backing and I really love how the quilting is standing out from it. IMG_7081

I chose a fabric from spotlight for the binding, called “On the Pond”. I’m definitely getting better at binding quilts, it used to be an area I was struggling with so much (especially corners).

I just can’t help but adding little details on the back. Here is the mini hexi flower:

Quilt Details
Fabric: Bluebird Park by Kate & Birdie Paper Co/Wonky woodgrain Calming Grey by Jesseesuem/ Meadow Dandelion Seed by Beth Studley/ Solid White
Backing: Solid Green
Binding: On the Pond by Sarah Fielke
Pieced by: Me
Quilted by: Long arm quilter
Linking this quilt to TGIFF, “Finish it up Friday” and “Can I get a Whoop whoop?”
Finished FridaylinkCan I get a whoop whoop

10 thoughts on “Hedgehog hexagon quilt

    • Thanks Karen. I would love to try but I’m equally scared! I just love the work she does and I know I won’t be as good (well, it’s her computerised machine).

  1. coucou! je viens juste de découvrir ton message sur mon blog et ton blog!!aha! merci de ton passage et j’adore tes réas! bravo ! le quilt avec les “funny corners” j’adore!!

    • Merci Sophie,

      J’ai perdu ton blog (je croyais l’avoir mis dans mes favoris, mais non), pourrais tu me redonner le lien? Connais tu d’autres francaises quilteuses?
      Je decouvre tellement de choses dans le monde anglo-saxon (quilt a long, link up parties, online festival, quilt bee, etc), que j’écris mon blog en anglais mais j’aimerais bien avoir l’équivalent en France aussi.

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