Happy scrappy corners (WIP)

When I started sewing, I remember one of my friend saying: “Never ever threw away scraps. They are always useful for something.” I didn’t know at that time but she was so right.

Now, I just love scraps, they are happy little piece of joy to me, as they remind me of all the projects I’ve done with them. For this project, I actually combined my little pieces of happiness with a kind-hearted soul who donated her scraps to me (thanks again @debpotteringabut from IG!). I had so much fun going through her little pieces, imagining all the projects she might have done with them.

While brainstorming ideas to use these scraps, I came across a picture on flikr from Amber’s design wall and I fell in love (pined the picture here). She actually uses similar fabric scraps for her quilt. I like using calico for this type of project, it gives a nice “vintagy” look. IMG_6893

I placed each tiny square randomly, making sure, however, I had a good balance of colours and prints. This is my preparation process: 1) pick the fabric to go on each squares 2) trace a line and pin 3) sew and pressIMG_6905

I really like watching the pattern coming to live when assembling all the squares together. I love those tiny splash of vibrant colours. So cute. IMG_7141

Once I assembled all the squares, I felt it needed a border. I looked through my stash and picked two different fabric: a solid pink and a small floral pattern. They are both leftover fabric from my wedding decorations, so it is really special to me. I’m really pleased with this top. For me, it is such a great way to use scraps. IMG_7144


Linking this top to Link Tuesday and WIP Wednesday

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