Flower power (WIP)

Here is a project I’m working on at the moment. As I’ve used red/pink Kaffe Fasssett stripes before (see here), I did not hesitate a second to buy the blue/green set of stripes when I came across them. I was very tempted to do the exact same version of my previous quilt but at the last-minute, I decided otherwise.

I noticed a Norwegian knitting book at the library. I can’t knit, so it might seem strange to borrow knitting books but I love the design so much, I knew I could use them in a quilt. I picked a simple flower pattern and figure out how many stripes I needed.
photoaThis is the layout. I just had to be some white and cut to fill this pattern.

photoEt voila!! Here is my top done. Can you see a flower?


I love watching quilt top from a window, it does look like stain class. I will pick a solid blue fabric for the backing and give it to the long arm quilter to quilt more flowers. Stay tune to see the end result.

IMG_6593I’m linking this top to WIP Wednesday:



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