Hedgehog hexagons (WIP)

I loved hexagons for a long time. I don’t know what is so special about this shape but I LOVE it! I recently bought three fat quarters from my local fabric shop (it is very dangerous to live 3 mins walking distance from a very cute fabric shop). I set my eyes on this lovely hedgehog print and found two other neutral colours to go with them. I was after gender neutral colours (not too girly, not too boyish) and I think, they are just perfect.

I bought a pack of pre-cutted hexagon paper pieces and start cutting, piecing and pressing. I’ve used some starch to hold the shape well in place.


What is great about paper piecing is that you can bring your project anywhere (in the house or outside the house). I even joined my husband on one of his surfing session and, despite the wind, I surely enjoyed crafting with a view. I should have more projects like this on the go to join him more often.

Screenshot from 2014-04-29 121020Screenshot from 2014-04-29 121041

Joining hexagons together is the same story, you can just be in front of the telly and enjoy a beer while working on your project. Sure, stitching by hand takes longer, but it is very therapeutic.


I wanted to go for a double hexagon stripe on this baby quilt, so I bought some white fabric and hand stitch each hexagon to the front fabric. I thought it would take me forever, but it wasn’t that bad. I finished it in one morning.


And here is how the top looks like. I bought a bright turquoise solid as my backing fabric and did a mini hexagon flower (I just couldn’t get enough of hexagons).


I’m linking this post to the Show and Tell at I have to say blog and Linky Tuesday at Freemotion by the river.

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5 thoughts on “Hedgehog hexagons (WIP)

  1. Oh wow, I really really love this, and I adore this fabric. I’m putting this in my memory bank to copy soon. So many babies are born in our life, this would be a lovely quick gift. Found you via Freemotions link up. :) Take care and have a good week.

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