Kaffe Fassett stripes quilt for Perrine


Today I would like to talk to you about a quilt I previously made. It was quilt #4, just after mum’s heart appliqué (that you can find here). Mum was impressed with my new sewing skills and intrigued about my new hobby. To encourage me, she offered me some Kaffe Fassett stripes. She lives in Alsace (East of France) where a big European quilting meeting takes place every year (le carrefour european du Patchwork). She went there to buy fabric for me, how sweet is she seriously?

IMG_7087At that time, I didn’t even know Kaffe Fassett but I loved the fabric so much that I had to start a quilt straight away. I was thinking of a very simple pattern, keeping the stripes as the main geometrical design. I bought some white fabric, cut some stripes out of it and started putting them together randomly.


I liked how it looks and I just continued sewing rows after rows. Mum loved it too and was eager to help, so she was my “pressing assistant”. She actually enjoys ironing, so she loved her new assignment.

By the end of the weekend I was visiting her, we finished the quilt top.

P1240746At that time, I was living in Marseille (south of France) and I brought back my sewing machine with me to finish it.

I wanted to offer this quilt to one of my new friend in Marseille. I just arrived couple of months earlier for a 9 months training program. On this program, I sat next to a girl who became, in now time, a very good friend. She had a 5 months baby girl: Perrine (I saw a recent picture of Perrine and she definitely do not look like a baby any more). This quilt would be perfect for her little girl.

I added a red border to the quilt top to let the stripes pop even more. For the backing, I chose a pink/red floral that I found in the local store. I quilted it with a cotton batting, sewing straight(ish) lines.


Of course, I couldn’t help but embroidered the little girl’s name.

P1250147My friend loved it. She proudly displayed it in their living room for Perrine’s play area.


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